Seeking high quality wearable wireless microphone transmitter


Dec 15, 2011
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I'm looking for a high-quality microphone transmitter that a lecturer can wear unobtrusively like a lapel mic or an earpiece boom mic that leaves the ear cavity open and unobstructed.

The mic will need to connect wirelessly to my iPhone 6s via Bluetooth. The transmitter to receiver technology need not be Bluetooth necessarily, but the final connection to my iPhone will need to be either Bluetooth or plugged into the headphone jack.

I would prefer Bluetooth as future phone upgrades probably will not have a headphone jack going on what Apple did with the iPhone 7. I also really want to avoid low quality wireless technologies and will pay dearly for quality if I need to.

Also worth noting is that I have a ham radio operator's license, so those products are open to me, although the technical specs of radio equipment are something I have yet to wrap my mind around. I'd have to review and learn again to operate the equipment which is acceptable if the quality and equipment will serve me well.

Low latency, noise removal, and speech clarity are desirable as this will be used to feed the iOS App AVA, a speech to text program that requires a home or cellular wi-fi signal to work. It takes a second or two for the servers to process speech and send it back as partial then finalized translations.

If a headphone jack is used, TRSS (4 pole CTIA) is preferred without using an adaptor, although I would consider it if an adapter is snug, high quality and doesn't add much bulk. To understand this, here is a great explanation.

After searching for several hours yesterday the best I've come up with is the
Nolan LiveMIC2 and it's counterpart the Nolan Receiver or just buying the combo in one package Nolan LiveMICRX
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May 25, 2017
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I have a full radio Aid set I'm looking to sell, I'm unaware of what/if it connects to iPhone or similar. I can give you the info of it & you can see if it's any good to you?