1. crazytechnerd

    Deaf/HOH Entrepreneurs with their challenges and difficulties.

    Hello everyone, I'm a HOH founder in a tech startup firm, and I'm here to provide support to other deaf or HOH business owners and entrepreneurs. I understand that being deaf or HOH can come with unique challenges when running a business. If you're a deaf or HOH business owner, what are some...
  2. T

    Deaf/HOH Software Development

    Is there anyone who has passion to build mobile apps and would like to contribute software in GitHub ? I have got a lot of spare time thinking something to build no matter what! Have a project for me hit me up in DM doesn’t matter whether it’s paid or free looking forward your response
  3. J

    Let’s help each other please

    Hello everyone ! I am a beginner software and web developer. For my project, I want to ask you some questions which may will become my future project theme . I hope you’ll appreciate it! All I want you to do is ask to question. What are the most common problems you’re facing in everyday life? I...
  4. tinycc

    Short and custom urls?

    How We Can Short and Custom URLs, What is Difference between Short and Custom Domain
  5. adamlogan

    Seeking high quality wearable wireless microphone transmitter

    I'm looking for a high-quality microphone transmitter that a lecturer can wear unobtrusively like a lapel mic or an earpiece boom mic that leaves the ear cavity open and unobstructed. The mic will need to connect wirelessly to my iPhone 6s via Bluetooth. The transmitter to receiver technology...