Rich woman tries to embarrass partially deaf server, gets the boot


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I think I read somewhere that it's not. That somebody just blogged a made-up story.

However, it is entirely possible that scenarios like this do happen. I've had my fair share of people trying to embarrass me over my HAs.


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I may need to contact Google to see if that story is, in fact, real. I found that on my G+ page, and if it's not real, then I apologize.

I have contacted them, and asked them to look into the story. Hoping they will get back to me quickly.


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That is a really good story whether it is true or not. It is a moral on the type of person who was rude to the waitress who happened to have hearing aid and CI devices. I think the rude woman thought they were like radio to her. She may not know anything about hearing aids at all. :dunno:

I like the story. :)