Return from the unknown :)


I stopped posting on this board...oh a long time ago now. So since I am returning to AD, I thought it befitting to reintroduce myself for new members and explain my absence for old members who may or may not have met me on the boards.I am William Sculley, and I am a Sign Language Interpreting major at Tennessee Temple University, currently halfway through my sophomore period of studies. I am a Christian, with strong Baptist leanings, though I have several beliefs that might not fit into the denomination I identify most with. I am also a libertarian, am pro-life and pro-"sanctity of marriage".

I am very blunt, tending toward a sarcasm in my own weird way. I have two rules when it comes to being friends with me:
1. Respect
2. Honesty

If you follow those two rules, We can have all the fun we want.

Now, for a response to those who have seen me from before I left:

I moved back home for a short time before being enrolled in Oconaluftee Job Corps (January 2010) in Cherokee, NC. I passed through the program from January through September and graduated with my certification as a Nurse Aide level 1. I returned home and served as the mentee to the head interpreter at First Baptist Church, learning how to interpret first hand while serving in the church, then came here back to Chattanooga, TN to resume my studies. Now I am back, and ready to hit the forums tomorrow when I am more awake than now. hope to see some friends come of this.


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:welcome: back to AllDeaf forum. Just remember we can not discuss about religions otherwise the religion thread will get ban if you continue to talk about it. Anyway, you will probably go through a lot of debate with us on some of the topics like as I am liberal who might not agree with you or someone who is conservation who might agree with you. Just my 2 cents. :lol:

Just go easy with yourself and enjoy reading and posting in all the threads here. See you around here. :wave:


Not here to debate religion or politics. I stick to debating on Volconvo when I want to, which is not as often. If you want to debate me there, catch me on there. I simply state what I am and what I say is casual and not up for debate, at least not here :). however, knowing what I believe gives an idea of what I think of certain topics, and is also how I identify myself.

As a side note, I wonder if I was as ignorant as other hearing people before I came to college. the few times I took a topic from here and debated the topic on Volconvo, I was in the minority for most posts about topics related to events that effect Deaf people.


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Welcome back. I also attended Tennessee Temple University. I am sorry to say I didn't graduate- I got married and moved to another state. But I did enjoy my time there. I was in Hands of Praise. Do they still have that? I very much enjoyed it. Much of my family still lives in Chattanooga and I miss living there. I used to love to go up to Signal Point or take a stroll on the walking bridge. It's a beautiful city. :)