Post your gas prices Part II


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Still $2.85, BP. Wondering what it is in New Lisbon, WI? Need to make a trip there soon.
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At the corner mart/gas station (it's family owned and I just found out has been there for 30 years now- wild considering the houses my family lives in have all been built somewhere between 1998 to 2000.. I think. Not real sure on aunt's)...

Errr... anyway.. Corner mart- the 87 grade gas is 1.99. I think part of the reason why it's so low is because they only accept cash; they no longer can do credit cards for ANYTHING. News must have spread- ever since they dropped it to 2.11 then 2.05 the place has been packed for the last week or 2. Up the road about a mile or so is a Marathon gas station- there right now it is 2.29.. in Charlotte and other cities (Like Concord today)- its anywhere between 2.39 to 2.59.