NASA Space Center in Houston


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Enjoy!... May post more later on. :)

Retired NASA 747 and shuttle Independence.

They stripped almost everything in the 747 to lighten the weight.

massive 747 wing:

It used to be American 747 Airlines til NASA acquired it and modified it.

NASA 747 Info: Note the short trip, only 1k nautical miles to have shuttle on the piggyback of 747.

Sleeping quarter in the orbiter


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Have been to the Johnson Space Center a couple times. Museum is well done. When I was there last time in 1990, it was heavy on the Apollo program and didn't have too much on the Shuttles. There was never a shuttle named independence that I am aware of. The names that I am aware of are: Enterprise that was used for atmospheric and landing tests, Columbia, 1st to launch and was lost re entering in 2003, Challenger, Lost during launch in 1986, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour.

Upon further research I found that Shuttle Independence is a high fidelity replica that was originally named Explorer and built for the movies Armageddon and Gravity and was renamed Independence in 2012, when it was moved to Houston.