Medical coders - good job for Deaf/HOH?


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Good evening! I am new here. I am scanning this site and looking for direction on possible employment opportunities for the hearing impaired. I normally work in Healthcare IT. I specialize in Revenue Cycle on Meditech software. I was consulting but things have dried up.

I've applied to several places and filled out the "disability" question on my applications. I said I DID have a disability. I won't do that again. I am more than qualified for some of these positions but have been turned down and I believe it is because I stated I have a disability.

Anyway, in my search I've noticed that there is a great need for medical coders. Some of these jobs are even classified as "remote" (can work from home via connection). Has anyone had experience with this? Are any of you coders? I am looking into going back to school to get certified to become a coder. It has been recommended to me that I apply for SSDI but I really do not want to do this.



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I've known a few deaf people who were medical coders. They seemed to do well with their jobs.


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I don't know how far a employer is able to accomodate a deaf employee. Might be easier just to call the temp office and have them send coders over.

SSDI does allow you to work, however beyond a particular dollar amount in earnings your SS Check is reduced until nothing depending on what you made that week. They also offer a once in a lifetime 9 month program to work as long and hard you can and make ten million dollars and its not a problem. The catch is that if you are suited to that work your SSDI will stop and off you go There are many rules way beyond just this post, which worsen as you get closer to 62 or 65 when your SSDI is simply converted to full SS check. there are advantages to waiting until 67 or 68 etc. that makes it worth holding off.

Coders is part of a medical situation Nationally that is worse than the CIA itself or the NSA or even State Secrets because coding IS kept very secret for many reasons. None of them necessary any good to the customer. I prefer to know that the implant is going to cost 15000 dollars at the factory, doctor earns 4000 putting the darn thing in and I get to pay hospital room for 2000 a night for my trouble. Eerything that they use down to the last towel or stitch etc is all barcoded to a master billing chart and sent to Billing to be developed into coded billing for insurance and later for what they call Patient Balance billing. Thats you holding the bag for all charges no one will pay. They call it balance billing here.

I hae gotten into coding for exactly 20 minutes at the local hospital records office. This code means they did that, that code means they did something else and so on across the board. But they WONT TELL YOU or just anyone what those codes are. Its all secret.

I remember a night where two math professors at University Level and higher were called up to do a combined 14 hours of actual math work that is way way way way above my comprehension against two blood test out of about 34 sent to be checked math in addition to the usual. They cost me about 3000 dollars all paid. Call it 50.00 a hour for each of them. It must have been childs play to them but a matter of life and death to me and my doctors who were liable if several of the things within the medical realm of problems turned out to be something else entirely.

I hate that. If I had sick truck that needed a tie rod put in because the old one is busted well I already know it's 35.00 for the new rod, 100 for alignment (4x4) and whatever else they run into doing the work before I even dropped the rig off at the shop.

In hospitals, especially Shock and Trauma you dont know a damn thing. A friend of mine was stabbed, his first 7 days and nights there included very big time medical work such as a pressurized hyperbaric chamber flooding him with oxygen. For example. They shipped in Maggots to get rid of blood that suction wont and they only eat on dead flesh not living and working flesh. And a bunch of other things. The total came out to about 110,000 dollars for 7 days. Since the attacker that stabbed him (And missed kidneys by less than half a inch, it would have killed him in 10 minutes waiting for the chopper) worked at a minimum wage food joint there as nothing to recover. And so the Hospital Unit wrote off all but 900 paid as teaching charges to the nurses and doctors exposed to his case. And boy did they ever learn. (As well as us all )

I am a little more active than most patients. I get a letter roundup all codes paid for what every 6 weeks. If a code is unfamiliar I get into it and look it up with the help of the Medical Board with the State here. Sometimes a shady doctor or anetheosilist will protect each other using technilcally Babbly BS codes that we the normal patients dont have time time or patience to learn what each of them meant. While they seem to get away with murder etc.