Looking for Help from a Public Education View


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I am a school counselor in a somewhat rural school district in central Wisconsin. I have a female, 6th grade student whose parents are both deaf (she is not). The family is Hmong. The student also receives special education services for speech and language and specific learning disability. The student is having difficulty attending school regularly. She and her mother argue frequently about her school refusal and there is some marital discord at home. When she does come to school after some absences, she is tearful and refuses to go to class for the first 3 periods. During this time she is silent and does not respond to people. I'm looking for some help from the deaf community in how I can help this girl get into her classes earlier rather than sit in our Learning Resource Center, attend school regularly. Is this an appropriate forum to ask for help for this girl and under which category would I post my request?

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Maybe making the girl feel safer and more comfortable will help. Im in high school now but in middle/elementary school it was hard to express things not in my first language(asl) so i became frightened and distand. Try some basic signs? Maybe ask other kids to help her feel more welcomed?


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It may help to contact the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center. They may have access to skilled people who have experience with this sort of thing. I want to chip in, though it's definitely not my field. Deaf education is a big theme in this culture, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding people who can give much better advice. Hope this helps!!