Kitty Biology...


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Curious... my kitty got really sick recently. He began losing weight really fast in a matter of days went from a rather hefty cat to being able to feel individual bones in his spine... I took him to the vet, fearing cancer and having to put him down. Found out it was "only" an infection and fever... they gave him fluids and meds and just as fast as he lost weight he has now gained it back...
I know it has something to do with the chemical use of fat cells... but curious if anyone knows how he can gain and replace his weight so fast... not just fat, but it seems like his muscles as well...


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I've seen similar effects with bodybuilders. Check this link:

Casey Viator gained 63 pounds in *one month*. I've also seen examples of other people gaining 30+ pounds of muscle in the same timeframe independent of the famous Colorado Experiment.

I know it didn't answer your question outright, but the phenomenon is not rare. I wish I knew better why.