introduction: Hello Everyone!!


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Hey everyone,
Just want to introduce myself. I'm Ethan, was recently diagnosed with a binaural moderate hearing loss. Its been weird because I went in thinking all was fine before the test. Looking for some support, it certainly could be worse, but its a tough pill to swallow for me. I'll be getting hearing aids soon< I'm excited, but also a bit nervous/anxious. Just needed to vent a bit, thanks for reading!


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Thanks Old Analog! I'm sure its going to be a huge learning experience. hopefully they help, the terms "huh", "what" , and "pardon" deserve less use.


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welcome to that u will feel comfortable to find good friend or 2 to discuss and know that u are not alone who have moderate hearing loss and I'm 100% deaf but i had met few people who had that happen tot hem and they had to eventually learn how to sign cuz not hearing good anymore but learning sign language is wonderful cuz if u go scuba diving it is helpful to communicate better underwater :)