I just don't understand certain men


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Hello Wolfgirl,
Truly SORRY indeed to hear all about this. Like many have said on this forum
before me as I am just reading this thread after being idle and take some time
off from the forum but NOW back.
I agree with all what others have said particularly Rock Robin and Bebonang. These are
very WISE women and they are 100% Right.
LEAVE him ASAP and file a restraining order against him and MOVE out so that he won't
know your new whereabouts.
Good luck.


This selfish s.o.b has already caused u to be absorbed in fear etc, my suggestion is to focus on you! Ignore him. Make yourself beautiful inside again and it will show outwardly in due time. This will definitely make him feel like u don't need him or allow him to affect u. Be in control of your happiness
Enjoy life again. If u have to use self defense so be it but just don't let him rob u of your precious time aanymore. Maybe u might even find a new love with a genuine man. Just chalk it as learning experience and avoid those type in future. That's my suggestion


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Hello WolfGirl,
First of all, Welcome to AllDeaf forum. It's indeed sad and disheartening to have fallen for this 'low life' scum. Just get yourself out of the relationship and save your Life.
Like others have advised especially Rock Robin and Bebonang. They are 100% RIGHT!
Get hi out of your LIFE ASAP and Move on. He is not worth. Good LUCK!


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Good for you keeping records. Different laws are different in states...in some places though it could be considered criminal harassment. The guy is a deadbeat bum, who was getting a whole lot of something for nothing. He never intended to get a job--why did he need to, you saw that everything was taken care of! Make sure who you date from now on deserves you and puts in as much as you do. If you always have to foot the bill or take care of things because some excuse comes up, RUN!

As for now, yes, change your number. Move if you can, and keep the record of every contact he makes with you. It sucks that he seems so protected by the law, a downside to the "innocent until proven guilty" thing. But it also sounds like you have a lot of evidence and are kind of getting blown off by the police who think it's just a run-of-the-mill domestic dispute. You may want to consult a lawyer just to see if you really do have a case. Sometimes a guy or gal in a suit with a title after their name can get people to pay more attention than a gal who seems all worked up over a pesky ex.


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I'm male, 65, hearing but with hearing aids now. Married twice, current wife of 25 years. We were just talking about how good we have done together.

The advice to "run as fast as you can" is good advice. Use the police to what ever advantage you can.... but most of all do not allow yourself to be a victim.

From what I've read this is the case. I wish you the very best in the rest of your life. No one needs this sort of fungus hanging on them.


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I agree with everyone -- Its a good thing you found out now instead of later at a worse time. You need to keep tabs on him on whereabouts. If he is already out, a call to his parole officer is all you need. If he is not out, find out when. This way you can be prepared physically when he does so you can have people with you.