I am looking for a girlfriend to get married

Hello , I am looking for a girlfriend in order to get married , send me a message if somebody is interested we can share contacts thank you
I am Deaf, living in Finland. Recently divorced as husband decided hearing whore is better than Deafie wife.

Good luck in finding love in Deafverse, and merry xmas, hyvää joulua, Blessed Yule to all. Stay safe xx
Yeah true it’s just a waste of time
I will say I found a wonderful relationship that is going on 3 years on Tinder. His cousin found his wife on Tinder and they have been married two years with one beautiful child and one on the way. It CAN happen and isn't always a waste of time. I think it is all the your presentation and the clear expectation you set from the start; giving yourself the chance for likewise matches. Much like what you're trying to do here.


What's about online dating? In my view, it's a great opportunity for everyone. You can meet a girl for serious relationship or just for one night. Personally, I don't want to start serious relationship for now so I just have fun. I checked one night friend review and it seems like this site is something I was looking for.
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Getting married means all property owned between the two of you becomes marital property in the eyes of the law. If it does not work out, half and half and debts if any are all settled by the courthouse. So that means if one of you owes 30,000 in credit card bills and quits paying. Guess what the other will be on the hook for it.

Keep that in mind when you say "I do."

In some states if you stayed with someone long enough you both establish residency then common law married. THAT changes the situation for both of you a little bit. I hope you two really love one another as it is.

Good luck!


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Dating online is somewhat keeping yourself going out on date. You need to go out and find someone like at deaf clubs, churches, sports, and many more. I have done dating onlines but its not safe. Also a lot of scams with deaf people. It was a long story. Really sad. careful and be safe.