How to get over a silly crush!


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Hi everyone :)
I work in daycare and one of the toddlers I look after has two mummies. My problem is that I am really attracted to one of his mums! I kind of get nervous on the day the child is in and I know they are due to come in, when she speaks to me I can barely hold eye contact. I get all hot and bothered and I think she must think I sound like a rambling idiot, I don't think anything I say makes sense lol. Its so silly!!! I have this silly crush on her. Argh.
Do you think it would be obvious to her that I like her? I'm not 'out' at work and I'm what I suppose you'd call femme. Obviously i would never ever make a move on her
1.She's in a civil partnership 2. I have a wonderful gf 3. I look after her child 4.She'd never be interested in me anyways
So does anyone have any tips for getting over crushes? I can't stop talking to her because I am her child's key person( the child only settles with me, think he must have a gaydar lol, better then mine!) and I have to feedback to her etc.
I just need it to stop! I've had this crush since her child started in September.
Any tips, advice, anything is welcome!

Thank you!


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Can't help you with the "crush" part, but I can tell you that your job can be in jeopardy if you try to approach the hot mom for personal reasons. Think of all the bad things that could happen if you crossed the line. That should help you get over the crush. You can always dream about her though....:cool2:

If it makes you feel any better, daycares are notorious for driving married guys like me crazy with all the hot moms & teachers...:naughty:


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Hmm. Its a tough one, but bear in mind that even as you worry about how to get over it, you're thinking about it. Which keeps it going :dizzy:

I'd just recommend focusing on your job while you're at work, and focusing on the best qualities of your girlfriend. The crush should fizzle out eventually.

Good luck!