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Just looking for HOH/deaf friends. I don't do fakebook or any other kind of social media and I haven't really talked much with HOH or deaf ppl since before I was married. Just trying to fit into the hearing world best as as I can. Getting tired of fighting the hearing world, would like to talk more with people who are also HOH/deaf.

As for employment I am a general handyman at the moment. I like working for myself and taking on a variety of jobs.

I live in western Iowa and my name in r/l is J o e- currently 34 but that will change before too long. Hobbies of mine include farming/gardening my backyard and the whole lot and all types of DIY stuff. Love doing research and learning new things online.

Looking forward to spending some time here and chatting.... maybe get to know a few hoh/deaf ppl around my age in my general area.
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Nita Thomas

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Hi Joe, Well you are young enough to be one of my kids, but I hope you find some HOH/deaf friends. Have you tried checking with your local audiologist for groups that meet up? Sometimes they can point you to those sort of things.

I love gardening too, but now I am in an apartment. So I do other things, just baked a batch of oatmeal raisin/sunflower seed cookies for a healthy snack. Even though you don't like facebook, it is a nice way to join in groups and I do believe it has a group for HOH or deaf people. You set up your own privacy and sharing limitations so not everyone would see what you write or post. Group posts are strictly for the group and don't show up anywhere else. The home page will show your group posts. I have a huge family so I use it for family and friendship with classmates and church members too.