Hi Guys!


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My name is Katie. I am new - and hearing.

I'm here to further my ASL abilities and communicate with Deaf people. I'm hoping to become an interpreter. I have loved ASL my whole life but decided to completely pursue it about a year or 2 ago.

Currently I am getting my Associates and majoring in Sign Language. I could use all the help I can get. I want to be fluent by next year!



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Welcome ;)

That's awesome! I'm also a terp in training will be finished in two semesters if all goes well
If ya need any help I'm around and willing to help you out :)


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Welcome and wonderful to have you on line with us.
So which college are you attending and which classes are you taking in ASL this semenster?


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Thanks everyone!

Rolling7, I prefer not disclose which school I go to. All I will say is that it is a Community College. And I am only in my 3rd semester of ASL. Also, I am taking a Deaf Culture class.

Violet, I may have to take you up on your offer! =)


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:welcome: to AllDeaf forum. You have come to the right place so that you can learn about our deafness, Deaf Culture and many other topics which you can pick. So have fun reading and posting all the threads here. See you around here. :wave: