Hi everyone, I'm J.P.


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Hi everyone, I'm J.P.!
I was born moderately hard of hearing, and have been progressively losing my hearing all my life. I'm 20, living in Halifax, Canada. I have never really been able to find other deaf friends or the Deaf community around me, so I am excited to be reaching out!
I don't yet know sign language, but I am hoping to learn soon!
I love going for walks/on hikes, playing board games, animals, and learning new things. I am currently on the wait list for getting a Hearing Ear Service Dog from Dog Guides Canada, which I am pumped about.
I am excited to be joining these forums, and I hope to meet some of you all soon!

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Greetings j.p. I can't remember where but we have had some Canucks here from time to time, I looked up something for one of them once or twice, my old memory not good any more but if you look around or if you can find my old post, they too had trouble finding community, if I could only remember, I want to say Vancouver and one of the big towns Quebec or Montreal were the most but wasn't there one in one of those island provinces, Prince Edward maybe, always wanted visit Novascota for a bagpipe festival, but alass in my broken down old age I don't travel well any more, welcome aboard, nice to meet you :welcome: