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It'll sure get more interesting to see the next episode...up to the finale'. Anyone have a hunch who might end up winning it all? Rock may be 'good', but his temper needs to be cooled down greatly in order to lead in a well known restaurant...otherwise, he's not a good candidate to win it all. Julia might make a good one, only if she can handle the pressure better and get a bit 'tougher' and be more patience getting through 'it'. Other than that, am not sure at this point who is worthy to 'win' and claim the treasured spot as 'chef' somewhere in Las Vegas. Obviously, each one have great potential, yet, at the same time, each have their own weaknesses that needs dire attention and be greatly improved!

Other than that, am looking forward to the next episode....hopefully it won't be another 'flaming' episode, but a 'tasty' one! :D



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I just copyed the tape of hell's kitchen yesterday so I did watched today and whoa!! I was thought it will be Joshua gonna be vote out but WHOA!!! Brad vote out?? WOW!! :eek3: cuz Joshua got too many mistake cook of lambs meat. I thought Brad was cool off and few mistake cook but already vote out himself? wow I couldnt believe it lol :lol:


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Episode 308

Julia is surprised that Chef Ramsay kept Bonnie in the competition over Brad. The guys are just as surprised, but Rock is confident he can beat Josh to the finish. He tells him this.

The next morning, Chef gets rid of the team aspect. The remaining five will now work together and be judged on their individual performances. Chef toasts them by spraying champagne on them. Then they go up to the dorms to find new jackets with black accent as the new color scheme. “This is cutthroat,” Rock notes. “This is where it gets really serious.”

For the next challenge, each chef must create an individual dish to be served to “trendsetters.” And this time, they will not be cooking in Hell’s Kitchen. Sous Chefs Scott and MaryAnne blindfold the contestants and lead them to the SUVs. Everyone has their suspicions of who they will be cooking for. Yet they meet Chef at Alhambra High School to cook for 100 high school students in one hour. The winner will accompany Chef Ramsay to Las Vegas.

Rock plans to make a kobe beef meatloaf on a ciabatta roll. Josh is doing baked salmon with pineapple salsa. Julia is going back to her forte, preparing a grilled chicken and cheese sandwich with onion rings. Bonnie’s serving up fried goat cheese over salad and Jen has created a baked chicken fettuccini with a lemon chive butter sauce.

The students pile into the cafeteria. The chefs push their dishes on colored plates so that the kids can vote for the color. After they devour their lunches, the students cast their ballots. Chef Ramsay announces to everyone that the winner with 51% of the votes is Julia’s chicken sandwich. Chef makes her quickly choose one of the other competitors to join her on the Vegas trip. She picks Jen. The two are driven to an airstrip where Chef is waiting with a private jet.

The three losers return to Hell’s Kitchen where Jean Phillipe has them steam clean the carpet and iron all the tablecloths. As they work late into the night, Rock’s temper is starting to bother Bonnie.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Jen and Julia travel by limo to the Green Valley Ranch. Their hotel suite is huge. Then they go to the spa for massages. The next day, Jen and Julia are taken to the sister hotel, the Red Rock. Chef Ramsay introduces them to a previous Hell’s Kitchen winner, Heather, who is now chef at the resort’s Terra Rosa restaurant. They try some of her dishes. Heather gives them tips on the competition.

Back at Hell’s Kitchen, Rock, Bonnie and Josh must prep the dinner service on their own. Bonnie thinks the monkfish smells bad and throws it out. Sous Chef MaryAnne is angry and makes her dig it out. Both sous chefs smell it and deem it fine. Bonnie starts crying, worried that this mistake will send her home. They take a break in the dorm after the prep as Julia and Jen return regaling tales of their trip.

That night, everyone enters the kitchen for dinner service. Josh is on the appetizer station, and Chef notices that he has already made too many risottos than have actually been ordered. “What a f***ing donut,” Chef says. Then Rock churns out scallops that are overdone. Next, Josh makes spaghetti before anyone has ordered it. Both get yelled at by Chef.

Bonnie and Julia are on entrees. Bonnie gets praise from Chef on her Beef Wellington, but Julia has a misstep with the vegetables. Josh wastes more spaghetti when he cooks it before the ticket comes in.

An hour into service, guests are finally getting a taste of Josh’s appetizer. Dishes come back for being undercooked. Chef is furious and gives Josh a real tongue-lashing in his inimitable style. Chef throws Josh out of the kitchen, tossing a spoon at him as he leaves. Chef then chases after Josh and takes away his jacket. Josh furiously heads back to the dorms and packs up his belongings at his own bidding. Josh leaves the premises.

The four remaining chefs have to save the whole dinner service. Chef puts Jen on apps, and she knows this is a real test for her. She makes risotto to Chef’s liking. Yet Julia has misplaced the vegetable garnish for the monkfish. Chef chides her for acting like she has given up, and she tries to pull herself together.

Rock misplaces the turbot, and when Chef asks Bonnie for the dishes she says she is waiting on the turbot. This infuriates Rock. Jen takes control of the kitchen, barking out orders. She asks Rock not to hand over his scallops because it will mess her up, but he has no choice when Chef asks for them. “Don’t do that to me, Rock!” she yells. Jen and Rock argue, and Rock isn’t sure he can get along with the three women.

Despite the disputes, they are getting out all their food and move onto the dessert course. Rock picks up a bucket of ice cream base, and Jen asks him to place it near the sink. He tosses it on Bonnie’s counter instead. Jen calls him out on it. Rock is angry that Jen is giving out orders. Chef Ramsay has had it with the fighting and yells for them to stop. As they get through the entire dinner service, Rock and Jen trade barbs under their breaths.

Chef assembles the four contenders in the empty kitchen. He singles out Bonnie for having the best night so far in her tenure. He instructs her to pick two people from the team for elimination. One will be going home. As they all walk back towards the dorms, Jen tries to speak to Rock. He tells her to f*** off.

The girls privately discuss how Rock cannot control his temper. Bonnie thinks he was bullying Jen. Meanwhile, Rock sits alone and thinks about how he handled the Jen situation. He is disappointed in himself and sheds a few tears for the camera. Besides choosing Rock, Bonnie can’t decide on the number two choice because she doesn’t think either Jen or Julia should go home.

Bonnie lets Chef know that she has picked Rock because he stopped communication and allowed his temper to flare. “In my opinion, he could have done better,” she explains. Her second nominee is Julia because she struggled on garnish during the service. Both Rock and Julia plead their cases. Chef observes that Rock is really driven and that Julia has made significant improvements. Chef says it is a tough call, but he selects Julia as the one to leave.

As Julia hands over her jacket, Chef tells her that she has done “phenomenally well.” Yet he says he is personally sending her to culinary school because he thinks she has real talent. Chef wants her to come back after she has graduated and “win it hands down!” In a first for Hell’s Kitchen, Chef tells Julia that he is proud of her and he hugs her. Julia is sad about leaving, but Chef sees the talent in her. With more experience, he thinks she will be able to run her own restaurant.

Chef tells the final three that things are only going to get harder. Bonnie can’t believe she’s made it this far. Jen knows she needs to step up and be a leader. Rock is sure that Chef sees something in him. “This is Rock’s restaurant to lose!” he exclaims.


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Episode 308

For the next challenge, each chef must create an individual dish to be served to “trendsetters.” And this time, they will not be cooking in Hell’s Kitchen. Sous Chefs Scott and MaryAnne blindfold the contestants and lead them to the SUVs. Everyone has their suspicions of who they will be cooking for. Yet they meet Chef at Alhambra High School to cook for 100 high school students in one hour. The winner will accompany Chef Ramsay to Las Vegas.

Rock plans to make a kobe beef meatloaf on a ciabatta roll. Josh is doing baked salmon with pineapple salsa. Julia is going back to her forte, preparing a grilled chicken and cheese sandwich with onion rings. Bonnie’s serving up fried goat cheese over salad and Jen has created a baked chicken fettuccini with a lemon chive butter sauce.

The students pile into the cafeteria. The chefs push their dishes on colored plates so that the kids can vote for the color. After they devour their lunches, the students cast their ballots. Chef Ramsay announces to everyone that the winner with 51% of the votes is Julia’s chicken sandwich. Chef makes her quickly choose one of the other competitors to join her on the Vegas trip. She picks Jen. The two are driven to an airstrip where Chef is waiting with a private jet.

When we watched that show and HK announced "Alhambra High School" and my wife said she shocked :jaw: to see that name of high school showed on tv that she went there back in '78 and she said the caferteria (SP?) looks same back then and said same glass wall windows, floor and all that.... WOW she said!!!!!


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Episode 310

With Bonnie and Rock stunned by the tarp dividing the dining room, Chef explains that they will each be running their own half of the restaurant. Yet Chef allows them to spend some time with their families. Rock’s two kids enter to his surprise. Bonnie’s parents tell her how everyone is so proud. The families say goodbye. Chef encourages the two finalists to start creating their restaurants -- from décor to menu.

Back in the dorm, Rock and Bonnie celebrate together with champagne. He admits that he didn’t think she’d last. Bonnie lets him know that she will beat him.

The next morning, they scan the dining room and plot what to do. Then they each meet with the Hell’s Kitchen architect and designer. Bonnie wants hardwood floors and no booths. She wants less uniformity and mismatched china. Rock likes the booths and the uniformity and the classical elements. She wants color accents. Rock loves black and white. Construction begins.

Then they meet with Jean Phillipe to discuss the servers’ uniforms. Bonnie likes the waiters all in black. She thinks the female staff should wear tighter pants to look sexy. Rock isn’t sure, and suggests jeans. Jean Phillipe shudders, and pushes Rock against this notion.

They discuss menus with the sous chefs. Bonnie has a huge list of ideas reflecting her favorite foods and MaryAnn gets to work with her. “I feel like a kid in a candy store,” Bonnie says. “I want to do it all!” MaryAnn likes everything Bonnie has put together. Yet Rock is having problems preparing his menu with Scott. His ideas aren’t as clear-cut as Bonnie’s and he can’t narrow anything down.

Chef surprises Bonnie and Rock by letting them know that he’s taking them to Las Vegas. On board the private jet, Chef brings up Rock’s “hissy fit” when he lost one of the challenges against the girls. “You, my dear, have surprised me the most,” Chef says to Bonnie. He remembers that she couldn’t even fry an egg the first time she worked in Hell’s Kitchen. Chef questions why Rock put Brad up on the chopping block instead of Josh, and Rock says that Brad was his biggest competition. “Everything I do is strategy,” Rock explains.

Driving through Vegas, the pair is excited to see that the Green Valley Ranch has a huge marquee that reads, CONGRATULATIONS HELL’S KITCHEN FINALISTS. They arrive in a huge suite, where a video of them is playing on the plasma screen TV.

That night, Chef takes them for a quiet little drink. But knowing the twists and turns of the competition, Rock and Bonnie find themselves in the center of a huge surprise party. Chef introduces them to the crowd. Among the throng is Las Vegas’s best chefs. Bonnie and Rock have thirty minutes to create a dish that represents their signature style. As the two get to work in the kitchen, the party-goers watch them on huge screens.

Rock is making his surf and turf -- fried chicken and crab cakes. “I took a chance with a combination that most people aren’t accustomed to,” he says.

Bonnie is preparing her shrimp and lobster pasta, which she feels represents herself the best. “It’s not the most sophisticated dish, but it is the most full of flavor,” she says.

After thirty minutes, Chef has them present to famous chefs. The first to judge is the executive chef at Ceasar’s Palace. He chooses Bonnie’s seafood fettuccini because her shrimp was perfectly cooked. Next up is a chef from the MGM, and Chef Ramsay chides Bonnie for trying to charm the man. Yet this guy picks Rock’s dish as his choice. The following chef sides with Bonnie.

Instead of a chef, the next judge is Robin Leach, the former host of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” He goes with Bonnie’s dish as well. After Mr. Leach is Hell’s Kitchen Season 1 winner, Michael. Rock tries to schmooze him for sympathy. It must have worked, because Michael picks Rock’s chicken. Bonnie leads 3-2.

Season 2 winner Heather comes after Michael. “They’re both fabulous,” Heather says after taking a bite. “But I gotta go with Rock.” It’s now 3-3, and the tie breaker will be decided by two judges -- the Green Valley Ranch’s general manager and executive chef. The general manager sparks to Bonnie’s pasta immediately, but the chef seems to be going for Rock’s chicken. The two guys whisper to each other before announcing that they are giving their vote to Bonnie. She wins and the crowd cheers. Yet Chef pulls them away from the party for some “quiet time.”

Overlooking the city from The Palms hotel rooftop bar, Chef pours Rock and Bonnie a glass of champagne and congratulates them. “Next time one of you visits Vegas it will be to run your very own restaurant,” Chef says of the view. Bonnie notes that it’s just within reach. Chef presents them both with a present. It’s a trip to New York to come and eat at the chef’s table at his new restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at The London hotel.

Everyone returns to Los Angeles where the dining room is under deep construction. Rock and Bonnie share one last meal together in private. They talk about how the contest has changed them as people. Rock comments that Bonnie has done well, but that she “doesn’t know how to finish.” Bonnie takes this as him trying to use psychological warfare on her game.

The next morning, the pair is surprised when the last six eliminated chefs return to the dorm. They are happy to see their former competitors. Brad would like Rock to win. Bonnie is relieved to see her good friend, Jen. Suddenly, everyone stops when they realize that Julia is sobbing on the couch. She only just left Hell’s Kitchen a few days ago and she regrets that she didn’t win. As Julia dries her tears, Chef calls to summon the entire group to the kitchen.

As they line up for Chef, Julia starts to break down again. She says that the whole competition has been a high point for her, but right now is her lowest point. She calms down when Chef welcomes her back. As winner of the Las Vegas challenge, Bonnie gets first pick of the group to be her kitchen team members. Obviously, she goes with Jen, who promises to have Bonnie’s back. Rock chooses Brad first because he feels he is the strongest.

Bonnie next goes with Melissa over Julia. Bonnie isn’t sure that Julia can overcome her emotions today. Rock then picks Vinnie even though he doesn’t think he will perform well in a high-stress situation. “Very, very interesting,” Chef sighs. Bonnie’s last choice is Julia. However, Julia confides to the camera that she is personally rooting for Rock. Although Rock thinks Julia is a better cook than Josh, he is worried that her emotions could play out in the kitchen. “Josh is not gonna cry,” Rock says of his final pick.

Chef instructs Rock and Bonnie to take their teams back to the dorms and bring them up to speed on their menus. Bonnie is sure that the girls will overcome once again like they have in the past because they work well together. Rock proudly states that he will do anything to win.


OOOOOOOOOOOOO! I cannot wait to watch it next Monday night! Gotta get some snack and soda and sit to watch who win the restaurant in Vegas!!

Now...who do you want win?

Bonnie or Rock?


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I'll go for ROCK cuz he is executive chef so therefore he has more experiences than Bonnie does as she is just a chef or cooker/nanny. But again, Bonnie is doing pretty good in this competative with other boys (including Rock) in past few days.


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Yeah.... HURRY UP... it's only 1 hour and 45 minutes to go to watch the final ones.... I personally vote for ROCK again as i ain't change my mind as i already posted on 08-08-07! hee hee :giggle:


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Episode 311

“The battle of the sexes continues, yes?” Chef asks as he dismisses the realigned teams. Rock and Bonnie meet with their squads in the dorms. Julia promises to help Bonnie, even though she thinks Rock deserves to win.

Rock shows the guys the stations that he has broken down. They get to work cramming over the menu. Meanwhile, Bonnie reclines on the couch, talking to the women. Melissa is surprised that Bonnie doesn’t have recipes ready yet. Bonnie knows this, and she is nervous.

As construction of the two dining rooms continues, Rock’s blue team preps. Bonnie deals with Julia giving her attitude. It is three hours left to go until dinner service and the architect informs Bonnie that he has run out of wallpaper even though there are still walls left to cover. “I’m just trying to get through this without crying,” Bonnie laments over the new roadblocks.

Rock tries to keep abreast of details in the kitchen, even if that means overseeing everything that Josh has to do. “I trust you,” Rock says to Josh. “So trust yourself.” Bonnie is finding that she has the same task with Melissa and needs to watch her every step.

Bonnie and Rock must run their dishes past Chef. He likes Bonnie’s chèvre salad with herbed breaded goat cheese appetizer, especially noting her roasted peppers. He commends the pasta and sauce in her signature fettuccini with sautéed Thai prawns dish, but stops on the fish part. “Melissa keeps overcooking my f***ing prawns,” she says as an aside to the camera. Yet Chef is not impressed by her dessert of chocolate truffles because it’s too small. He gives her advice to change it.

Chef praises Rock’s entrée of pan-roasted prime rib eye with a morel mushroom sauce. Yet Chef is concerned that there’s too much garlic in the jasmine rice underneath the crispy chicken and crab cake appetizer. Rock worries that one of his chefs has screwed up. Chef thinks the vanilla bean milk shake with double chocolate chunk cookies dessert tastes nice but is “clumsy.” He thinks Rock should switch the drink to be served in a martini glass. “All of the things he suggested were fixable,” Rock declares.

Chef feels that Bonnie’s menu is elegant, vibrant, light, balanced, fragrant and dainty while Rock’s menu is substantial, robust, rich and heavy. “But what they’ve both gotta do is drive that kitchen from the first table coming in,” Chef notes.

With thirty minutes to go, workers scramble to get Rock’s booths installed. Bonnie walks Chef through the concept of her dining room. He likes that there’s no intimidation in the design and he can “relax right away.” Chef lets her know that her hardwood floors could create a lot of noise. He commends her table set-up as “nice, clean, elegant.” He describes it as a “neighborhood restaurant done with a little bit of panache.” The décor turned out exactly the way Bonnie wanted it. Chef Ramsay calls Rock’s dining room “elegant” and “rich and sumptuous.” Rock is happy with Chef’s approval, but he wants to focus on the food.

Chef calls the pair over for some final words of advice. He assures them that he will be watching everything in the kitchen. “Run it, or it runs you,” he dictates. Then Chef gifts them with personalized master chef jackets. They are touched.

Right before opening, Rock and Bonnie rally their teams. Rock asks the guys to be honest about their times and to ask questions. Bonnie encourages high energy and requests they be honest if something messes up. Chef has Jean Phillipe open Hell’s Kitchen. Rock and Bonnie call out the first orders to their staff. Chef sees that the Blue Kitchen is working well. When the women do not answer in the usual “Yes Chef,” Bonnie becomes worried that her team isn’t taking her seriously as a leader. She pushes them to work together.

Josh is on the app station, and Rock notices that he is burning the crab cakes. Rock rushes him and struggles to get Josh on track. In the Red Kitchen, Bonnie urges Jen to speak louder but Jen claims that she is. Then Julia says something to Bonnie, but Bonnie doesn’t reply immediately to her and Julia feels like she is being ignored. Chef comments that no one is speaking to each other in the Red Kitchen and this has taken the energy right out of the service. Yet Bonnie still manages to get her appetizers out.

Chef catches Josh cooking six crab cakes, which is more than has been ordered. Chef has Rock do quality control because the crab cakes look dry. Rock encourages Josh not to “freak out.” Yet everyone else’s food is slowed down because of Josh.

Bonnie’s team moves onto entrees. Melissa alerts Bonnie that there are only four orders left of the fettuccini pasta, and Bonnie asks why she wasn’t told this sooner. “I’m sorry?” Melissa asks. Chef yells at Bonnie for not knowing how many portions she began with in the first place. She accepts responsibility for being under-prepped.

Josh still has trouble delivering food. Chef pulls Rock backstage to warn him that Josh is sinking his ship. Rock responds by prodding Josh to “get it together.” Rock refuses to let anyone interfere with his dream. He is forced to pull Josh off the app station when he burns more crab cakes. Rock swaps Vinnie in for Josh. Chef is pleased that Rock made this move. Although Vinnie isn’t prepared for the fish, he manages to get some dishes out.

The Red Kitchen starts to communicate. Yet Melissa brings news that they have run out of prawns. Then, a customer complains that her pasta dish was served cold and the prawn is undercooked. Jean Phillipe brings it back, but Bonnie cannot replace the dish because she has run out of prawns. Bonnie tries rallying her cooks. “Just be happy I’m getting you your food,” Julia says.

Three hours into the dinner service, Rock’s team has found its rhythm. While Bonnie pushes her team to get their desserts out, Julia argues with her. Julia claims she wasn’t ready to wrap up the goat cheese at the moment Bonnie asked her to. Yet Bonnie persists, angry that she is being defied. “It was just blatant that she didn’t want to listen to me,” Bonnie says to the camera. She has to explain to Chef that she couldn’t get someone in her kitchen to obey her. Both Bonnie and Rock struggle to get out their last desserts.

“Josh really, really screwed up,” Rock sighs after the service is completed. “It definitely hurt my chances for winning.” Bonnie thanks all the women for their help. Julia congratulates her on a great job. Rock’s wife and kids come to greet him over the counter. It gives him a big boost.

When the restaurant is closed, Chef assembles the teams. Rock admits that, if he could turn back the clock he would have chosen Jen first because she has impressed him the most. Rock also confesses that he would not have put Josh on his team. Bonnie says that she would have spent more time checking portions and food to prevent running out. “Well done to you both,” Chef says, pointing out that it’s the strongest he’s seen them. They completed a fully-booked service.

It’s a tough decision for Chef because he thinks that both displayed leadership qualities. He’s going to review the customer comment cards before appointing the winner. Bonnie and Rock say goodbye to their teammates and retreat back to the dorm. When alone, Rock and Bonnie hug each other and bemoan the stress of the night. They are proud that neither of them gave up but they are physically exhausted.

After studying the customer cards, Chef Ramsay meets with the two finalists in his office. He compliments Bonnie’s assertiveness and says that she has surprised him the most. Then he calls Rock “rock solid” and remarks that there’s safety in having him run a kitchen.

Chef invites them to stand in front of their respective doors. Only the winner’s door will open. Bonnie and Rock grasp the handles. Rock’s door opens. He enters to Hell’s Kitchen where his family and the other chefs are waiting with applause. Rock starts to cry. “Thank God! I just won!” he exclaims. Bonnie is pleased for him and thinks Chef made the right decision. She is sure the right opportunity will find her.

“Rock deserved to win Hell’s Kitchen because he’s a very confident cook and he has become a really good leader,” Chef says. As confetti pours throughout the restaurant and cheers go out, Chef makes a champagne toast to him. Rock hugs his wife, and Chef sprays champagne on everyone during the celebration.



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I knew it that ROCK won this fieriest competitive against Bonnie. Yeah Congrats to ROCK!!! I cannot believe that Josh screwed up with crap cakes but again Rock won anyway....


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I hardly can't wait for new "Kitchen Nightmares" with Gordon Ramsey this fall (i meant very soon) and that would be very interesting show anyway... Hee Hee!!! :giggle: