Hello! Possible Translation?


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Hello! I just started learning ASL. I'm having issues right now as a beginner. I've been trying to look for video translators that recognize hand signs and will put them to text. I've had no luck. Some videos on youtube have Captions, but a lot don't. Anyone know a program that I can upload video to that will translate for me?

Also, one more request. I've been trying to figure out this guys signs, they seem sloppy but again I'm new to this. Could someone please give me a translation of his V-log? Thank you! Really Appreciate it!!!



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First things first. “Recognizing hand signs and putting them to text” ?? There is no such program out there, at least not that I’m aware of or I am misunderstanding your question, that automatically recognizes sign language and converts it to text. Same goes with YouTube, you do not just automatically upload a video and it captions it for you. I would suggest watching music videos where you hear the words in the background and watch those signing it. That way you wouldn’t need captioning. I’m assuming you are hearing?

Regarding the vlog, it was just fine. Maybe a “newer” signer, but still fine. Maybe it seemed sloppy to you because you are just learning ASL. I did not watch all of it, but the beginning he identifies himself as Danny Muscle, and apologizes he hasn’t been doing this (whether making videos or playing some game called WOW - not sure because I’m unfamiliar with that game) often yet because he’s busy helping his family. That was all I watched.


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Ok, thank you. I found that there's prototypes only right now that can pick up most hand signs and that translate them, but not for public use yet. I'm hard of hearing with one ear. Appreciate it <3


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Once in a great while you may get lucky and find a blog where the user signs and remembered to add captions (or a transcript) to the vlog/video.

His vlog was pretty easy to understand (signing since 18 but I don't get out to deaf events etc as much anymore so a little slow/rusty)... Yep he's talking about War of Worlds game- MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role Player game)- used to play regularly but now a casual player. Talking about his family and I guess his work (there's a sign or two in there I didn't know/understand).
Keep practicing picking up signs- a lot of sites out there that you can look up signs (a sign dictionary if you will)...

But yep- there's nothing out there right now that will "interpret" signs and put them to text (or voice for that matter)... I don't think we'll see anything like that with better than 75% accuracy in this life time. I'm still waiting for a speech to text app that has better accuracy and can capture voices in a group setting (for that a better phone mic!!!!) and ability to parse individuals with pronounced accents like US southern, Indian, Scottish(yep have heard that one- relatives) etc.
(sorry got off track there)