Earplugs recommendation needed for a person with sensitive hearing

Hello, I have a hearing condition called hyperacusis and I've been looking for the best earplugs I can get. I avoid going out this time because I am a bit of a paranoid when it comes to getting COVID19. So... I just want to know if anyone here tried buying from this website? They are called Big Ear and they offer home service for molding your ears for custom hearing protection and then they'll mail the product within a few weeks. They also do have instructions for DIY molding where they'll send a molding kit then you'll mold your ears and send back the kit with the molds. Some of their products are really intriguing and of course, I'd love to know if anyone here tried their products yet.

Any other recommendation?


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When I do some shooting I just wear big ears.

In NSSA Artillery live fire at Winchester Virginia in annual shoots it does not matter, just turn hearing aids off. THUMP!

I have however a situation where if I am a noisy place long enough, I want quiet and will go as far as I need to until I find it.

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There was a blogger I saw some where back awile that did that can't remember what they thought but wasn't horabel if I remember correctly, think I'm remembering it was that girl that does deaf music videos, think she must be getting close to graduating college by now,try ElletheEncourager she may be able to help:2c: