Does Gallaudet have a pre-medical program?


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Hmm as far as I know I don't think they do. They do have science majors like biology and chemistry. A relative of mine has a BS in Public Health (or something like that I can't remember right now) and is currently in their first year of med school (person is not deaf though).


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You don't need a pre-med Bachelors to go to medical school. I know many doctors to started out with Chemistry or Biology degrees and then went on to medical school. It's actually more beneficial to do that. That way if you decide to not continue with a medicine degree you can still use a Bachelors in Chemistry or Biology. You can't really use a Bachelors in Pre-med.


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There is no pre-med program (bachelor of science) out there as far as I remember. Deaf or not, it doesn't matter where you go. They just want to see your confidence, how good your grades and MCAT are, and how many hours you work/ volunteer at any hospital or lab, any related to medical to build your resume. You must volunteer right away. There is no time left. They want experiences. My niece had to obtain her EMT license in order to gain more hours and experiences. That's all they care. My sister and niece both hold chemistry and biology degrees at University of California locations. After that, they went to Loma Linda University Medical and Western University of Health Science. They never stop learning, attending medical conventions and classes for the rest of their lives. They are licensed radiologist and PA in dermatology. Acutally, my niece is considering becoming a full medical doctor, but she just has her son recently, and will wait a little longer.


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One thing. Social emotional development is really important with getting a job. So attending Gally could give you an edge in that area.