Deaf-staffed restaurant 'Signs' opening in Toronto


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I didn't get "a tone" from the writer, but it looks like a nice idea...hope it goes over well with customers.



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It seems interesting. We could use something like that in St. Paul / Minneapolis where there's a very large deaf population.

Hey, worth thinking about!


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it's pretty cool that the logo was designed by my good friend. will check it out sometimes this year.

It’s sure to be an entertaining — and educational — dining experience, but Signs is really more than that. Owner Anjan Manikumar has embarked on a kind of community service for a deaf population that often struggles to find employment in a speech-oriented workforce.

When Manikumar was a manager at a Boston Pizza in Markham, he noticed one of his regular guests was deaf. With no tools or education for staff to communicate with him, ordering food was a game of point, nod and serve.

Manikumar sought to change that. He learned American Sign Language, known as ASL, beginning with the basics: “hello,” for starters, a salute-like wave of the hand. And most important, “enjoy” — a two-handed chest and belly rub.
I've been to Markham many times. It's a small city where it's full of Asian and Indian people. White people is a minority in there. a very small minority. It is indeed a sad fact that many of my Canadian friends there do not have jobs and they are struggling very hard to find one. major barrier - no VRS service and they haven't had it for a long while but the government finally started funding it and I think they will start receiving VRS service next year. many job openings require phone interview so this time - deafies finally got a chance.

“He was very delighted. He brought his friends the next day,” says Manikumar, who has since broadened his ASL vocabulary through interactions with the deaf community, a group he now calls “family.”
Markham does have dozens of deafies around but I wonder who... that should be easy to find out for me but I haven't asked yet.