CrzyMeg is back


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Hey Y'all. I miss you guys. I dont remember how long i was gone. :lol:



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:welcome: back to AllDeaf forum. PowerOn, I do hope CrzyMeg will come back to post some more sayings and give CrzyMeg time to respond here. CrzyMeg might be busy. :wink:


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Is CrzyMeg crazier than I am? That is the question to be answered.

Welcome back. I just got back here as well.

Have fun.
Apparently i am crazy
:wave: :welcome: Home Ms Crzy Meg! :kiss: :hug: We missed you too! :cuddle:
Thank you

Hello, finally you came back. Did you fall off the world? You know our Earth is not flat anymore.
Been Busy with my birth mother and kid
Wdlcome back CrzyMeg!!!!!! Keep posting will ya to postwhoring kingdom!!! :giggle:

i will try to