Coronavirus: A real health threat or not?


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Covid is just one of a huge number of infectious agents that can hurt or kill Humans. I have watched this develop last winter first in wuhan then around the world to the USA. Other than concern for certain relatives and friends of 65 and over with health issues already serious, covid will kill them. One argues that if it kills it kills. That one has like 3 health problems any of which will kill at any time without covid in her 90's so... no fear on her part.

I survived spanish flu last Jan took 6 weeks to get rid of it. 100 years ago my grandparents endured the same thing back home. They did not do anything different like we're doing now with masks etc. The sick were stacked in special warehouses with nurses to see if they live or die. One cemetary took in thousands. Called Flu Hill to this day.

I am a long haul trucker all my life and certain situations almost got me killed about 8 times so far. People have died and been hurt around me through a variety of problems including illness and infection etc. Covid does not bother me. I do pay lip service by having a mask so not to generate trouble going out. Mask does nothing. Its nothing but regular cloth for winter heat in breathing. Most people in my area pretty much quit worrying about those masks too. No one gives anyone a hard time here. You live your life well, If you get sick? Ok great. There is a bed for you and get well soon. Otherwise Covid has no meaning.

I could get into other reasons why I feel the way I do however I prefer to just know that Life is Life, to be celebrated and enjoyed with other people. Anything that dehumanizes people or makes a community live in fear with zero human to human interaction is a very bad thing for us all. If we must die then we must die. The trick is not to let that go to waste. Make it something good on your way out if possible.

I no longer follow general government data. I strictly follow our Arkansas CovidComm data and county by county data on hospital ICU. Ours in Searcy has about 8% covid in long term care, those who cannot function outside of society and some are already ternimal. And about 25% or so are in ICU for Covid plus about another 20 or more % in ICU for other things. The rest are regular hospital stuff including the ER. Ive already decided that if I did get that bad sick, stay right here at home and live or die according to His Will. Im not going to be seperated from family and friends as you might be isolated in a hospital.

Why? Covid is about 96% survivable so far this year.

My two cents.
I totally agree with your opinion. I also heard from the news before that says,
“Nearly every U.S. infectious disease physician and epidemiologist had advised the public not to wear masks in the early days of the pandemic. Then we changed our tune. That’s how science works. Research advances knowledge and public health and medical guidance change to follow.”

So “the science” in the early days of the pandemic said that masks work when worn by doctors and nurses in hospitals but don’t work when worn by laymen outside of the hospital? There was no reason to accept this claim back then, and cogent criticisms of it were made–back then. Back then, the claim that laymen don’t need masks and the problem of the shortage of masks were mashed together as if they were the same question. That’s not “science.” That’s obfuscation.


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I believe covid-19 is dangerous so I don't go out since I still live with my parents they are senior citizens.. well my dad is in his 70's and my mom is only 67 years old will be 68 this September. so that makes me almost 43 this June so.. it's difficult to stay home but I manage to do well tho. finding stuff to keep myself busy like using my new laptop or play on my new nintendo switch or IPad. :)


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It's more than age and prior illness; nearly 60 thousand people 64 and under (including many children) died of the virus.

Balance is good. Caution is good. This isn't just a flu. Even if a person doesn't die; there can be serious complications. Stay home as much as you can; help yourselves, loved ones, strangers and the health care system. They are stressed, overworked and traumatized.

We all need to do our part.
Can you please define many? COVID19 doesn't have higher mortality rate for healthy children and young people than what the flu have. A few children may be vulnerable if they've cancer or other severe conditions, but they're also very vulnerable to any kinds of infection and takes precautions normally too.

The groups who are vulnerable for COVID19 are the elderly over 70 years old, the chronically ill and overweight. It's the same groups who tends to be vulnerable for other infection types too. It's very important to inform children that they're usually not in the risk group and almost everyone survives, when that's true. It's not mentally healthy to scare children unnecessarily. As long they wash their hands, cough in the elbow and stay at home when they're sick, it's unlikely they would spread any diseases. It's possible to take care without living in unnecessary fear.

I use FHI (Folkehelseinstituttet) as a source. It's my country's version of CDC.