comparing deaf children and hearing children...just curious


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Did you ever got lost when you were very young kid? It happened once to dad and me.

when my dad was young boy, he went to fair with his father and brother. My dad is only deaf kid in his family. There were many people at fair, my dad got lost from his father and bro. What my dad do? First thing that he tried looking his father and bro but after he cant find them. Next thing he do is went back to parking lot and look for a car that his family ride in. He found it and sat on top of car and watching the planes at fair. His father and bro had been searching and searching for him... and even ask someone to use the speaker to call his name. Well, duh. he is deaf. After a while, father and bro gave up and went back to car and they are surprised to see him there.:wave:

That happened me too when i was young kid, i am deaf too. I was at large tent, maybe tent or something where many people attend there. About over 300 people i guess. I cant find my parents and i decided to go where my grandma and grandpa's modle (spl?) home and wait there until my parents found me.

One thing that i found is that dad and I didnt cry when we got lost and I remember when I was in library with my mom, I saw one kid crying. I was curious and watching him crying until someone come to that kid and asking him where is your mother. Kid's mother turned and said i am here, kid looked at mother and stop crying. I was like what?!? :shock:because that kid's mother was right belind him and she had not gone more than 2 feet from him! My mom told me that is what different between hearing and deaf kids.

I wonder if that is true. let hear what is your stories.:D


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For never once dawned on me to cry out for my mother when I got lost. I'm guessing it was because of my deafness - and since I didn't make the connection between sounds and getting someone's attention- I just sat there until she "magically appeared".

One time I was trapped inside a toy box. My sisters and I were playing vampires - so I was in my "coffin." And I tried to get out but the lid wouldn't open. I started screaming, kicking the lid, and pushing it. My father opened the lid, and I was surprised to see him. I asked him how he knew where I was. He looked at me funny, and said, "I could hear you screaming."

That's when I learned to make the connection that my screams could be heard by someone else. Because my perspective at that time - if you couldn't see the person, then the sound couldn't reach the person. It was years later when I learned that people could hear my "business" in the public bathrooms, could hear other people's footsteps in the hallways, and could hear what was going on in the next room even with closed walls and doors.


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I'm hearing.

I got lost in the mall once when I was 16. My Mother took my sister and I to do our Christmas shopping. She allowed us to go our own way for a bit, but told us we would meet at a designated place. I went and did my shopping. I got done quickly, so I decided to meet up with her. Well, when I went to the store she said she would be at, I couldn't find her and freaked. I went looking for her. Then, I got lost and panicked even more! I was crying and very upset. As it happened, she got down with what SHE was doing and went to get my sister. Then, she was going to come get me. If I had just stayed where I was, all the drama wouldn't have happened! LOL

But, anyway... I panicked. I cried. When I finally caught up with her I said to her (with tears streaming down my face).. "Mommy, I couldn't find you! Where were you? It scared me!" I had come unglued. *sigh*

It's rather funny now, but it wasn't funny, then.


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oh yeah... I remembered son was only 5 yrs old.. we were at Deaf Pinic.... he was stayed off... in one hour.. i realized i lost my son... i got security officer and deafies to look for my son... then i saw my son getting off from car old lady dropped him off..i asked him what happened... he said he was walking then took a nap under a tree.. when he woke up.. he realized he was lost.. he walked to senior citizens picnic.. described what Deaf Pinic looked like.. old lady knew it was next section... she took him and dropped him off.. WHEW