Coming back


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Hey I'm nerd,
Some people might know me. I have been off alldeaf for about 2 years. Thought I would come back. I feel very out of the loop. I am profoundly deaf. And use to sign. I havent used it in 5 years due to loving with my(now ex) wife who is hearing and my hearing parents. They made me talk. Anyways now I am back in the deaf community and relearning asl.


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*Pokes head in*. Welcome back :) And didn't realize your wife is now an ex...
Good to see you :)

I've been kind of absent myself lately... usually too tired to do anything thanks to this stupid job (and I'm an 'essential employee' apparently (the whole group is)... and can't work from home. Still looking for that elusive Dev/Programmer/QA tester job lol.