Asl researcher looking for helping hands

Belal Chaudhary

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I’m a Biologist/Software Developer based in Berlin, and I need some input from the ASL community for a sign language project I’m working on: translating American Sign Language from video/images into text.

Essentially the project works by 'teaching' a computer to recognise words/letters from videos. It’s still at an early stage (it can recognise ASL finger spelling) but I need to collect video examples of common ASL words to make it perform better! I'm working with a few interpreters but it would be awesome to get the support/blessing of the ASL community who sign in every day life :)

I have included a list of words I need (100 in total) but even just 5-10 words would be super helpful, and the video can just be on a webcam or smartphone. The project will also hopefully be freely available online for anyone to play with, and practice/learn ASL

Please drop me a line if interested, and I would love to hear your thoughts/questions on anything related to the project! Happy to provide further details on the project and the requirements of the video too.


I've created a few threads on the forum looking for volunteers, as I wasn't quite sure where this post fit. I hope this isn't an issue, please drop me a line if this post should be somewhere else!



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