American Sign Language Real Estate


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hello! I know this is an old post but to those who are agents and know sign, how do you present that? I am a GODA and wanting to put somewhere on my card that I am proficient in ASL , but wanting to put it in a way that doesn't seem over bearing


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Hello I am HH. I think we need more people who are deaf-hh friendly in the business world. How do we motivate more people? Too many talk to a wall or walk 10 yards away and without saying my name at least. Hate it here in Southern.Connecticut


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I’m James and I’m a realtor any interested party should DM me on 2522205630 only serious minded people first 50 people receives heavy discount


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Hello I am Shauna Meihaus, a realtor in northern Kentucky, greater Cincinnati area. I am new to the real estate industry, I have beenteaching Deaf and Hard of hearing in the Boone County system for 26 years. Growing up with a deaf cousin who inspired me I decided to devote my career to educating and being a part of the deaf community. I hope to continue to help the deaf community through real estate. I speak ASL fluently and are eager to help. I am with Huff Realty in Florence Ky. Please contact me if you need any help.