American Sign Language Real Estate

hello! I know this is an old post but to those who are agents and know sign, how do you present that? I am a GODA and wanting to put somewhere on my card that I am proficient in ASL , but wanting to put it in a way that doesn't seem over bearing
Hello I am HH. I think we need more people who are deaf-hh friendly in the business world. How do we motivate more people? Too many talk to a wall or walk 10 yards away and without saying my name at least. Hate it here in Southern.Connecticut

I’m James and I’m a realtor any interested party should DM me on 2522205630 only serious minded people first 50 people receives heavy discount
Hello I am Shauna Meihaus, a realtor in northern Kentucky, greater Cincinnati area. I am new to the real estate industry, I have beenteaching Deaf and Hard of hearing in the Boone County system for 26 years. Growing up with a deaf cousin who inspired me I decided to devote my career to educating and being a part of the deaf community. I hope to continue to help the deaf community through real estate. I speak ASL fluently and are eager to help. I am with Huff Realty in Florence Ky. Please contact me if you need any help.
Do you know of any ASL Realtor or Real Estate Agent?

List them as name and city/state and website/contact info if possible.

National wide as any where...

So far what I known...

Twin Cities metro of Minnesota Tom Anderson (Deaf)
Twin Cities metro of Minnesota Hillary Hittner (Hearing)
Twin Cities metro of Minnesota Christine Leurox (hearing/interpreter)

I am sure your state have at least one fluent ASL.

Please give me your feed backs on your Realtors or Real Estate Agents as if you liked them or not.
I service Colorado and am a CODA ☺️
Hi! This is Chris LeRoux from the Twin Cities Metro area in Minnesota.
I am still currently licensed as a real estate agent in MN and WI.
I've been an agent for 8 years.
I am also an RID (CI/CT) certified sign language interpreter.
I've been an interpreter for roughly 17-18 years.
If you are in need of a real estate agent who knows ASL please contact me at and thank you for your referrals!
Thank you!
Hi!! My name is Maria Gallucci and have been a realtor in Colorado for 30 years. My Parents are Deaf and I am fluent in ASL. My email is and website is ☺️
I have been following Kevin DaSilvia quite a bit on his vlogs about realtor in AZ area... learning a bit about the housing market.

I'm sure there is several but I did look up for Deaf realtors and this is what I came across:
He helped me with my lot in AZ. My dad died and I inherited land in the mountains. All of sudden I got emails and mail from investors wanting to buy my lot. Thanks to Kevin, he told me that they were lowballing me so I decided I am going to keep it. I highly recommend him.