Aloha HiBlue01!!!!


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well i wished i was the first to make this thread, thank you tweety for thinking of my partner.........

To my love of my life,

when you came into my life
you changed my soul,
before the temper rages i have had
you have calmed my mind
before the hurts i have had
you healed them all
before the sadness i had in the past,
you brought happiness
now that we have come together for
a long time
you took the time to love me,
understand me,
respect me
pointed out my flaws but still loved me anyway
and most of all you made me a happy butch
just by being there for me.
IRLY my darling hi blue
may your 26th b day be speical just like u have always been
love always
yr javapride babe!

:kiss: :hug:


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Happy Birthday and hope it's everything you've wished for...and for many more celebrations to come as well! Have a great and wonderful day!!

:birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: