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I've always had an interest in ASL! I remember trying to teach the ASL alphabet to a friend in summer camp who had become blind at a young age. I then, years later, had a hard-of-hearing friend in class who taught me a few signs. A couple of years later, I had an English assignment to teach our class something that we thought was important. I got to teach the class a few signs and the structure of ASL. After being scolded by my parents, I put ASL training off until I started college 20+ years later. I learned about the college's ASL club and haven't stopped my training since! It took an additional three years and a degree change to be formally trained in ASL. I have taken ASL 1 and 2 and look forward to taking ASL 3 in the Fall. I am currently taking a Deaf Studies course at my college and feel very comfortable! I love learning about the Deaf community!