$3.37 beer lands Quebec man back in jail

Mrs Bucket

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Ahhh, a repeat offender.

He still hasn't learned.

He is better off in a healthy-learning environment that focuses on his mental, emotional and overall physical condition than in jail. Jail won't solve his chronic repeat offences.

Intense individual therapy will.


Old Deaf Ranter
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Maybe he is one of those people afraid of the outside world and did it to get back in a controlled environment.


Emotional Mess
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I had a friend who was diagnosed with manic depression and his mother refused to give him his meds. He forgot on his own and needed to be reminded. He realized his life was better on meds, but mother would not let him take them, and she was his legal guardian. He purposely broke the law over and over just so he could go to jail and get his meds. The last time was when Florida passed a "three strikes" law and so he committed another crime worse, but not murder, and with the new law, was sentenced to the max which at the time was 25 years. He's still in cause he tried to escape 3 days before release so he could stay in and got another 20 years. He is happy now because he gets his meds.