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    Question-Venture Name-Course Project

    Hello! My Name is Noam (female), and I am a college student going into my second year now. I am currently in a joint course with students from a different college, that is all about innovation. As part of this course, we are required, in groups, to come up with an innovative idea to sell locally...
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    Project about Deaf Culture for School

    So I'm a hearing person(in highschool), and I'm interested in sign language and Deaf culture. I previously took an ASL class, which further increased my interest. Now I have to make an infographic about Deaf culture and I'm wondering if there are any facts you think I should share for this...
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    Deaf and HOH Inclusion Project

    Hellew. I am looking at Deaf and Hard of Hearing Inclusion in society for a post-graduate project. If you are either Deaf or Hard of Hearing or know someone who is, I would like to hear your experience! If you could fill out the following survey, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Need Some Help Please!

    Hey guys, so we've been asked to work on a design project and I need some help with that. I suppose it is a little insensitive to be asking for information in my very first thread, I'm sorry about that, but the project deadline is approaching fast and I really really need help. I am working on...