1. janefrankel

    Glad to join here

    Hey, I’m Jane Frankel living in the USA.
  2. williamkimbler

    Great feel to be a part here

    Hi all, I'm newbie here. Feel proud to be a member here.
  3. Ursan

    Lurker --> user, introductions.

    Hi all. I've been lurking on this board for at least 7 years now and finally joined about 2 years ago and finally wanted to introduce meself. I've lost most of my hearing by the time I was 9 or so. Categorized as "profound hearing loss". Though my speech is "normal", some people think it's...
  4. D

    Educate a newbie?

    Hello, community! This question is being presented to you for the sake of both interest and education of myself. I know the question will seem cliché, but please bear with me. My only knowledge of signing, in general, is almost exclusively of what I've learned from online research. The question...
  5. T


    hi all I just joined and thought I'd introduce myself I am a hearing Belgian but right now living in the USA for an exchange program. I am a 20 years old college student in the USA for an exchange program and love anything travel and intercultural related! Since I saw the tv show switched at...
  6. Cecile


    Hi, everyone! I'm a hearing woman in TN, and I've been reading through a bunch of the forums for the past few days and decided to finally register. I'm a writer and doing a round of edits on my middle grade fantasy where the main character is Deaf so I'm trying to get some better perspectives...
  7. C

    Looking For Friends!

    Hello! My name is Courtney and I am hearing! I currently am learning ASL and am hoping to interpret one day! While I am doing okay in my courses, I know that I should be doing GREAT and I feel like I am not because I don't engulf myself in the community. I have a deep passion for what I am...