1. L

    Baha 5 for sale

    I have a baha 5 sound process which is brand new, I am looking to sell it. If anyone is interested contact me.
  2. Cogito-ergosum

    Wanted: Nucleus 5 or 6 sound processor

    Desperately need to purchase a working Nucleus 5, 6:CP800, CP 910, or CP 920 sound processor. My brother, who is coming to the U.S. from Ukraine, needs to replace his broken Nucleus Freedom processor. We are unable to purchase a new device, but hoping to buy a processor model that is compatible...
  3. L

    Cochlear N7 Nucleus 7 in brown, full package brand new.

    I have the full Cochlear N7 kit, new in boxes/packages, never programmed, never used. Contains: Supporting Documents envelope. Welcome Tablet / Tutorial device. Nucleus 7 Sound Processor package- device, manual, remote, usb cable, coil. new in box Wireless Mini Microphone 2+ package- device...
  4. B

    16 vs 22 electrodes

    We are in the process of choosing a brand of CI for our daughter who is about to turn 3. Both Cochlear and Advanced Bionics seem to be good. But can anyone explain the key difference in having 16 vs 22 electrodes. AB has 16 and Cochlear has 22, but AB says that it has 120 virtual points. Any...
  5. D

    Cochlear nucleus 5 - using with smartphone

    I'm using a Cochlear Nucleus 5 (cochlear implant) for half a year now and I've been struggling to have great audio quality at my phone calls. My wish would be to connect the smartphone to the Nucleus 5 wirelessly the same way the 3.5mm jack would do. I've been searching online but I've not...