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    Image with ZVRS and Purple logos with subtitle ZVRS Acquires Purple
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    Zvrs acquires purple

    How do you feel about the ZVRS acquisition of Purple? ZVRS_Acquires_Purple by VRSEngineer...
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    Is there an IP relay sevice outside the US?

    Thanks Jane, I was too quick to answer. After re-reading the question, perhaps Captioned Telephony Service is what Lilach is looking for? I've not researched any Caption Telephony Services outside of TRS CTS. Sorry for the confusion. Mea culpa.
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    Is there an IP relay sevice outside the US?

    It sounds like you are looking for "Video Relay Interpreting" (VRI). Think of it like VRS, only you pay for it instead of the TRS fund. ZVRI Stratus Video Interpreting Service Purple VRI This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are numerous others. Most of the VRS providers...
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    New update regarding FCC User RegistrationDB

    The primary concern is for people living here in the US that are not full citizens yet. Without a SSN, they cannot register for VRS? The TRS fund isn't a tax directly on US citizens. It is a FCC mandated contribution that carriers must pay into based on the size of their customer base...
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    Z5 for Hearing

    Z5 Hearing VRS is most definitely not compensated, and should be blocked from a hearing videophone. As a hearing customer, your tollfree 888 number isn't in the iTRS database, so it cannot be compensated for VRS calls. The only tollfree 888 numbers allowed in the iTRS database are CNAME...
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    VRS interoperabilty for videomail

    As of December 17th, 2014, the VP200 can now receive videomail calls from non-Sorenson videophones:
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    Sorenson problem

    I'll chime in and support the folks that suggest the person calling has a phone number that isn't in iTRS. When a "server routed" VP calls another VP, it first goes through the calling VP's VRS provider's call routing platform. All providers do things differently, but the usual process is to...
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    3 way call with 2 deaf people and 1 hearing person

    My understanding is that the Z5 desktop client supports 3-way video calls as you are requesting. Alternatively, if you're fond of another VRS provider's videophone client, what you are probably looking for is a Multi-Conference Unit (MCU) room where multiple video calls are turned into a single...
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    VRS interoperabilty for videomail

    The "problem" here is direct point-to-point calling vs "server based routing". Older endpoints like the VP200 had your home IP address entered into the iTRS database. Your router allowed an inbound port connection for H.323 call setup, which let someone call the VP200 from the Internet...
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    Google glass

    As someone with Google Glass, I can tell you that it does indeed hold much potential, but is hampered by the current hardware limitations and software deficiencies. The battery life is far too short. Even with it just running "standby" (mostly asleep, occasional pictures), after a few hours it...
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    Best way for hearing person to use PC webcam to call deaf/HoH VRS number?

    Unfortunately, even between VRS provided videophones there are incompatibilities with regard to point-to-point interoperability. Here is an ex-parte filed yb Gallaudet about their findings that was filed today: In the document, it...
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    Best way for hearing person to use PC webcam to call deaf/HoH VRS number?

    It could be a number of things. When you placed the call, your jabber client sent a SIP "INVITE" to Cisco's gateway. That would have been converted into an H.323 SETUP message that made it through to your friend's videophone. This made your friend's videophone ring. When your friend...
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    Sorenson VP-200 Use Without Account

    For the OP (original poster), take a look at this AllDeaf thread: That is the best way, currently, for someone who is hearing to make a point-to-point video call to a...
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    Best way for hearing person to use PC webcam to call deaf/HoH VRS number?

    Cisco "Jabber" Quick summary: You are using the "Free" Cisco Jabber "beta" downloaded from The account you're using on Cisco's gateway, is allowing you to place H.323 URI calls to VRS phones through the gateway. "Jabber" was the original name of...