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    Check my aim PROFILE

    oooh i got 80%. not bad. ;)
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    So...tell me about yourself

    oh yeahhh i remember you! "blow blow the candles!" haha, that s funny! i didnt know it was you on AD. and yeah, i know which Allison you're talking about. she's going to gally this fall. do you still talk to her? ;)
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    So...tell me about yourself

    i was at csdf a few weeks ago. did i meet you or something? what s ur name?
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    What did you get (or give) for Mother's day?

    I got my mom a giftcard for Target. She said she needed more work out clothes and I didn't know what she felt comfortable with so i got her the gift card. Also, my brother and I cooked dinner for her and my dad. ;)
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    So...tell me about yourself

    What year were you born in? 1985 What is your favorite season? Spring What is the funniest moment of your life? i can't just pick one! What is the saddest moment of your life? when my father got into a real bad car accident. took him more than 6 months to recover. What is your...
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    For those of you who are having a bad day...

    hahaha. I SO needed that. thanks. ;)
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    Picture of your baby! (Pets)

    here's my baby, Tyke. 3 years old. ;) Sniffing my ice cream. He eats anything, i'd tell ya!
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    What is your #1 Pet Peeve?

    - people who won't admit they're wrong, say they're sorry. - people who don't get the hint that I'm not interested and keep onnnnnn talking. - loud and bigheaded people who thinks they're so badassed. yeah right.
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    Finals exam

    For most of my finals, i don't have them until June. But still got socialogy and my final exam is a written paper and it's due next week. considering i just got back from California this past weekend, i'm completely brain-fried. heh. saying the word, "finals", makes me wanna shoot myself.
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    Today is Alex's Birthday!!!

    Happy Birthday, Alex! ;) Enjoy your day!
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    Ask Sweetkid.

    Muhahaha. Well, when you meet me in person, you can guess for yourself. it s more fun guessing right? Lol.
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    Ask Sweetkid.

    DoVip, what are you trying to prove? it's just a joke. get over it. Grow up. Now back to the questions, please?
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    Ask Sweetkid.

    Sadly we don't have a picture of us together yet. But we will. ;)
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    Ask Sweetkid.

    :laugh: yeppp.
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    Ask Sweetkid.

    I could say that my biggest accomplishment that my parents were relly happy for me was making the transition from a deaf school to a public school. I m the first member of my immediate family not to graduate from NJ school for the deaf. So making the transition was something I was scared...