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  1. S help urself to add me ... and my aim s wild7salina
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    welcome me back

    sorry i havnet been on here since i was sooooooo busy so ... welcome me back .. thanks huggs love ya ll
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    What kind of kid were you?

    aww all about me.... all my life is nt easy... baby to 13-- was so poor, an angel, teased by peepz 13 to 15-- dress up too baggy and wore boys pants and shoe and shirts have sister who in gangmember.... my sis gave me so hard time and school time gave me too hard time.... and dad gave...
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    Show us your handwriting!

    dont u like mine?? i know mine is so too plain
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    Re: hope u will like my hand hey thanks!!!!!
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    Coloring hair

    hey highlight will be good;)
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    Coloring hair

    or need some trim dont u think?
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    Coloring hair

    right side.. that is me so should i coloring my hair?
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    Coloring hair

    hey anyone i wanna know what anyone think about my hair should i coloring my hair?
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    hope u will like my hand hopeu will like my right hand
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    hope u will like my hand hope u will like my left hand
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    Who I am? :)

    ok sir jeff NATA better awww oay thanks for telling me ... so see ya soon
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    hey which u will go ?

    yeah yeah me too hope we will going right way;) and wish u luck for ur graduation and i will be there and scream " remma go to that way not go to "weed" hehehe:laugh2:
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    hey which u will go ?

    did she posted this pic... really sorrrrrry ... i am new... sorry if u see that again
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    have anyone read archie and etc?

    hey ya all ... i am telling ya i was realllllly stupid... my mom was spoiled me so much and bought me like milllion like that archie and jughead and betty and veronia... some how my friend cant afford for those.. so i give them allllllllllllllllllllll milllllllion to my friend and some...