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    Halloween Haunted House...

    Check for people that spend thousands of dollars on haunts, for their home or for "professional" haunts. Maybe next year I will build the "FCG" ghost that looks like it floats in the window, or something to jump out of the garbage can, but no money this year! I will have...
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    any of you HoH peeps...

    Good advice!
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    any of you HoH peeps...

    I'm still working in the hearing world, and, as a Realtor, rely on the cell phone. I still have to get people to repeat things, ESPECIALLY numbers! It makes everyone (including me) frustrated. I don't know enough ASL to function in the Deaf world, and studying on my own does nothing for helping...
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    for those who are HoH/hearing/profoundly deaf people in hearing world

    I guess another reason I feel "Between worlds" is that I also have bad eyesight, so it is hard to follow Deaf conversations, and also hard to follow hearing conversations due to my hearing loss. Ok, enough "woe is me," I gotta do some work! ;)
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    for those who are HoH/hearing/profoundly deaf people in hearing world

    Hey DD, Yes, I am late-deafened. It started about ten-fifteen years ago, and by 1998 was so bad I had to quit my job driving a delivery truck because I couldn't understand the radio dispatcher. :p When I first started learning ASL, the two little girls next door (who thought I was some...
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    Poor Hearing May Cause Poor Memory

    Whee! I have an excuse now! :D Seriously, as I lose my hearing, I am finding myself misspelling words that I never used to misspell, using "s" in the place of soft "c" for example. I wonder if that is related?
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    for those who are HoH/hearing/profoundly deaf people in hearing world

    I have bilateral ANs, and have 60% loss in the left ear, 50% loss in the right ear. I had two semesters of ASL in college a few years ago, but have lost most of the signs due to not using them. I find it very tiring and difficult to try to listen to conversations in public, and have long ago...
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    Why we need sex education in school

    Guys, I think this story is fake. Look here: If you ever read something on the Internet, and wonder "Is that *true?*" check the site :)
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    Hearing Aids users

    I have worn hearing aids since 1999, so not so long. I take the hearing aids out and the shoes off as soon as I come home! ;) They don't help like they did when I first got them. I was tested 18 months ago, because I felt like I have had more hearing loss, but they said "nope, still the same."...
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    Interested Hearing person...please help me

    How is the sound quality different? My hearing loss is nerve damage in the middle ear, so normal surgery was not an option. It's been years since I read about CI, but I don't recall that being an option or not. Just curious if you could describe the differences in CI and hearing aids. ;)
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    ASL-> studying on the internet?

    I have found that some people can't understand some of my signs because I learned a different "accent" from my instructor than some Deaf people from up north or the Midwest use. The same goes for the signs in ABC and what is signed locally (some of the signs still in ABC are 'politically...
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    Hearing people suck (well not really)

    My wife is used to it :D She is getting HH too, but refuses to admit it. We yell "YOUU!" when we are in different parts of the house, to get each others attention (I take my hearing aids and shoes off as soon as I get home ;) ) I keep threatening to buy the T shirt "MY WIFE SAYS I NEVER...
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    Pretend to be Deaf

    That saddens me I am HH, and have run into what I can only call bigotry by some Deaf people. Between that, and not being able to follow oral conversations, this puts HH folk 'in the middle', feeling isolated. I wish some Deaf people were not so 'stuck up' and realized that many hearing people...