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    For Hearies Only

    I started "bootlegging" sign lessons from my very close friend/former roommate. She is Deaf, but becoming progressively more deaf, and has taken ASL 1-4 at the local community college. After returning from the classes she would teach me what she learned. Wish I had gone to class with her...
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    What is a polite way to get a deaf/hoh person's attention?

    This THIS right here. The chief Deaf person in my life *REALLY* hates being touched, especially when she did not intitate it. Even tapping on something she is sitting on would be a bad idea. So I pretty much always, always, always default to handwaving or tapping a desk or table if we are...
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    your grandparents been still married for longtimes

    I have no idea of how long my great grandparents were married, most died when I was not yet born, and the last 2 passed on when I was very young. My grandparents (both sets) celebrated 50 years, and were only parted by death. And my parents just celebrated 25 years, and they are very unlikely...
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    Deaf student's dog turned away from school

    Please know that I am not trying to be rude about this at all. If allergies to the dog are to be a concern for the school, then it must also remove every other type of common allergen from its campus, including every type of pollenating plant, the grass on the athletic fields, and all of the...
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    Top 10 Reasons for Learning Sign Language

    :werd: Signing is great for all these reasons and more. :) My favorite use for sign is with toddlers (Hearing, I have yet to meet a Deaf or Hard of Hearing toddler), especially at that stage when they can't quite vocalize, but can move their arms just enough to begin to sign. They are so very...
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    Male Body Shave

    :werd: Did not know about the Aluminium risk, will have to check into that. I'm allergic to the stuff, makes me look like I have chicken pox on my legs. PuyoPiyo: I'm not sure why it is not ok in the USA. I have noticed that guys who have tattoos shave a lot, because thay don't want...
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    Any deaf chef here?

    While reading this thread I had daydreams of all the Deaf Chefs here challenging Bobby Flay in Kitchen Stadium. Of course, the Deaf team wins and serves the opponent some humble pie for dessert. :giggle: hint hint hint...
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    Another I hate wal-mart thread

    hmmmmm.... I'm usually skeptical about the place. the prices on just about everything are college student friendly, but the service and selection are iffy. A while back I saw two seasons of a favorite tv program, both for less than 50% of what i'd seen them sold for elsewhere, and that store...
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    my cousin died last night

    I have compassion for you, moonflower. May the God of Peace give you and yours peace.
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    Cat owners read!

    This is my family's cat- Maggie is an Abyssinian, my Aunt breeds them and gave her to us b/c she had real bad tummy issues, she is all better now, so long as she eats the right kind of food, and doesn't swallow too many bugs! We had another that looked a lot like her, Missy, who was so very...
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    Newbie type question for Interpreters

    Hmmm, seems this one is a popular topic. :ty: for all your help, I very very much appresiate it! :D My goal in all of this is to make interpreting at our school as pleasant a job as possible, so that maybe our school will continue to provide this even after my friend and I are graduated and...
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    Who is single here?

    See my sig. Note: I tend to "fall in love with" (if you call it that) a guy's mind and heart WAY before his looks. Try it sometime. ;)
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    Hi from AZ

    yup. Some of family has lived in Chandler for a long time, but I have only lived here since '00. Before that we lived in west Phx. Nice to meet you too! PS If you want, I can tell you if I know your cousin. :) It might make this place seem smaller. Private message away! :)
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    Newbie type question for Interpreters

    Wow, such a wonderful conversation everyone! Thank you for the chance to be a fly on the wall. :ty: True. Most of our school's classes tend to be pretty small, so it is very noticable when a student just plain isn't paying attention. And besides, it is rude to not pay attention anyway...
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    Newbie type question for Interpreters

    I attend a smaller-size private college, and my close friend/roommate/classmate is Deaf. The school finally (after almost a year of asking) got enough resources to give her an Interpreter about a month ago, and so far, it has worked wonderfully. I'd like to know how hearing students should...