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    I'm back

    Yea. I did want to get your attention. I don't get enough of it. And I was definately shocked about it. When the kid's 20 I'll be 38. *gasp* So I'll just have another sibling to add to the stack. It's due in May and I get out of college on May 24. So I'll be around for the first few...
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    I'm back

    Hey everyone! Long time no computer. I'm at college now and everything's going good. I found out yesterday that my mom's pregnant. :eek: *shocked* but besides that everthing's normal.
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    What's your sign and her sign?

    Me ~ Scorpio Him ~ Gemini (New Bf....He's awesome!! makes me wicked happy *biiiig cheese-eatin grin*):D
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    I need a job

    yea....I looked at the board online. nothing good on there. figured if maybe someone lived in or around the area or knew the area or knew someone who knows the area...they could help me out.
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    first move

    I generally give it some time. If I know the guy's interested in me I'll give it a little bit to see if he's just waitin to make the move. But if he's takin too damn long I go after what I want. (I usually end up making the first move)
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    I need a job

    Maybe one of you Massachusetts dwellers can help me. I'd like a job where I can put what I know of ASL into use and learn more ASL. Somewhere in or near Amherst, MA would be super. I need to get away from the fast food industry. 17 yr old (18 on November 19), college student @ Umass...
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    Wrong title name of Rhode Island School for the Deaf in 1895?

    you guys really shouldn't take offense to the word "institute". Institute doesn't only refer to a mental institute. A college is referred to as an "institute of higher education" at times.'s definitions: To establish, organize, and set in operation. To initiate...
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    Post picture of your pet

    haha! I love Gizmo. He's so cool. I only saw that movie recently (within the last year) because my mom always said it was evil. So I watched it with my ex-bf. Gizmo's so damned cute. The never ending story was wicked kickass too. I think I wanna go rent it tonight. It's rainy...perfect...
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    Ford Lightning Truck Versus Corvette Z06.

    I hate Fords! I'll go for the Chevy Corvette
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    Born hearing/deaf

    I was born hearing and I still am hearing. I'm learning sign language so I can become an interpreter or something using sign. Thanks to RI School for the Deaf and EPHS (for mainstreaming) and allisonjoy and complicated for helping me learn and being my first "teachers".
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    Post picture of your pet

    I have 2 dogs (a boxer named George and a german shorthaired pointer named Annie), an evil cat named Ivan, a fish, and a bird. I don't have any pics on this computer so I'll post what I have later on. For now, here's the pet I wish I had!!
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    Longest Relationship with your BF/GF Post #1

    my longest was my most recent ex. I was "with" him for 26 months. With is in quotes because I was waiting for him while he was in bootcamp and while he was on base and for the total of 4 months we were broken up in between (13 months of waiting). I decided I was done waiting for him...
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    Classic Autos

    When I have money...whenever that may be, I plan on getting a 67-72 Camaro SS (stickshift, of course! No Camaro should ever be automatic except maybe the v6s) It's gonna be pimped out in black and pink and souped up to race. I'm also gonna get a nice "crotch rocket". I loooooooooove...
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    R u man enough to drive a stick shift or wimp out and drive automatics?

    my escort wagon was a stick and that's the only thing I miss about it. Now I'm driving an automatic, which is OK cuz it's a camry. I definately prefer stick though.
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    Sign Language

    I started learing ASL when I met allisonjoy and comlkicated at school. They were mainstreamed into my high school. That was sophmore year (I was about 15). Then I took ASL classes at RI School for the Deaf (allison's mom was my teacher this last class). Now I'm not sure what I'll do. I'm...