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    Trying to explain to hearing people

    I used that. It definitely helps. I've been interpreting the Liturgy for several months now, and I have an interesting challenge with the technical language in it. The biggest help I have are some Deaf people that have long been members of the Orthodox Church and have helped me break the...
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    Trying to explain to hearing people

    I'm trying to explain why I would need to interpret the Liturgy of the Orthodox Church for a Deaf person to hearing people who, well, think a book is good enough. You see, the Liturgy of the Orthodox Church is printed in a book that includes all the non-variable portions of the services. How do...
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    Grey areas in interpreting situations

    Good points. This is the problem we have at my school (loud music). I have chronic migraines, and am required to go to the chapels. As I do not interpret the chapels (Thank God!), I do not need to be up front, and I sit in the back with earplugs in my ears. even with high quality earplugs, I...
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    Grey areas in interpreting situations

    I was an intern at the SERID conference a couple weeks ago. Among other duties, I was the introducing person for Dee Henderson at a workshop called "Backseat Interpreting". The focus of the workshop was the times in an interpreter's career when the waters get muddy and right and wrong are...
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    Chat program

    If you get the training/certification, there is always CART: CART Services - Captioning, Transcription Services for Realtime, Live, Prerecorded Events, Meetings, Programs
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    Pull up Bar fail LOL

    um, Japanese joke station... Very funny, but mislabeled? or maybe the redirect changed...
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    Fuck Science! I am Armed with a Personal Anecdote!

    what the heck??? As a brother to a SIDS baby, I feel like beating twenty kinds of sense into this woman.
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    Flying by the seat of his ‘panties’…

    this makes me lose faith in humanity...
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    Bomb Squad Detonates TV Left In Street

    I had to post this on my facebook... That's my hometown there :D
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    Return from the unknown :)

    Not here to debate religion or politics. I stick to debating on Volconvo when I want to, which is not as often. If you want to debate me there, catch me on there. I simply state what I am and what I say is casual and not up for debate, at least not here :). however, knowing what I believe gives...
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    Return from the unknown :)

    I stopped posting on this board...oh a long time ago now. So since I am returning to AD, I thought it befitting to reintroduce myself for new members and explain my absence for old members who may or may not have met me on the boards.I am William Sculley, and I am a Sign Language Interpreting...
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    looking for more information

    One of my best friends is a babysitter for a four month old baby and is interested in teaching the baby some signs. However, the hearing parent, wife to a behavioral analyst, believes that doing so will slow Reecee's acquisition of spoken English. Knowing this, and knowing that I have been a...
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    How do I explain ASL dialects?

    I don't approach my pastor like that. They don't railroad conversations. Lucia did.
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    How do I explain ASL dialects?

    whoa, ok, someone want to drop the railroading. This is in no way useful to the board. Matter of fact, not even the post that could be drawn as relevant to the discussion was useless as it didn't show how to explain to him tactfully what dialects are without inciting a debate. Please don't post...
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    How do I explain ASL dialects?

    Umm, this is a discussion about a situation within a church setting. I am a Christian and not afraid of anything you can do here, or outside of here, about it. They still have religious discussion on the site elsewhere, and because this is a situation involving ASL in a church situation...