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    16 years old survived from 60 feet bridge speak out and wanted charged!
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    Bird Feeders

    I’m always put bird feeder annual on spring years and I’m watch squirrels eat suet last times I’m so pissed off so I’m still thinking about get new hang for suet feeder blocked when i got suet hang from walmart not so great!! I’m decisions have bird feeder they wont squirrels eat the bird...
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    How do you like your coffee??

    I love drinking coffee at home and I’m drinking coffee at Barnes and Nobles coffee but I’m obsessed drinking starbucks When i had gastric bypass surgery one years later i had change chapter my life I’m drinking black coffee and little sugar not whole! But not daily half &half milk makes me...
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    Former First Lady Barbara Bush died at ages 92 years old

    Former First Lady Barbara Bush Dies at 92 Leave behind the husband and former president 41 and their children,grandchildren and great-grandchildren
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    How did you become deaf / hard of hearing?

    I’m become deaf as baby at ten month old
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    Wal-Mart and Dick’s Sporting stores banned rifles since Florida shooting February 14,2018

    Walmart bans sale of guns and ammunition to anyone under 21 - hours after Dick's Sporting Goods stops selling assault rifles
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    Sara's surgery news!!

    Update from doctor appointment today My appointment looks good and my bariatric doctor says I need lose more weight dropped by 30lbs or more till I get another under knife!! But I’m really wanted to rid of my saggy body so badly so I’m looks at mirror of my body but my bariatric doctor have...
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    Sara's surgery news!!

    Update I’m lose more weight about 130-140 pounds but I’m almost one years of my surgery on January 9,2018 but I cant wait for my appointment on January 25 on my post surgery I will kept you updated of my appointment
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    Britian prince harry engaged to actress meghan markle

    Prince Harry 'thrilled' to marry girlfriend Meghan Markle next year
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    Happy thanksgiving 2017

    I’m going to my grandma’s house for thanksgiving what my thankful for?!? Thankful for thanksgiving 2017 2.friends 3.turkey 4.upcoming my cousin Ashley’s new brand baby in December I’m exciting 5.three beagles girls and one half beagles and bassinet boy 6.lose more weight since...
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    Congressman and others wounded and injured during baseball practice

    Update news 'Miracles do happen!' Thankful Steve Scalise returns to a hero's welcome in Congress three months after being shot on a baseball field as he credits police bodyguards and another congressman with saving his life...
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    Sara's surgery news!!

    Update weight loss
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    Sara's surgery news!!

    Sorry I'm fixed that but links can enter now i will remind that my fault
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    Sara's surgery news!!

    Update of my weight loss
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    Sara's surgery news!!

    Update of my weight loss