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    So Who's Working Black Friday?

    I've started making really cute crafts-pen bouquets, ribbon fobs. I might be out selling this year. Other than that, I'm staying in. Traffic in town is already killer. LOL, I only leave the house to sell stuff or go to church. And I'm starting to think....maybe I should find an online church...
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    So Who's Working Black Friday?

    :jaw: Worst day to start cashier, ever. How did you survive?
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    How to Show Deaf Communication in Comics?

    What ever became of this? Did you figure anything out? I love the art and am dying to know the story. I really hope you're still working on it and get it published.
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    Peeking In (Again!)

    Glad I'm not the only sporadic user. Welcome Back!
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    Your AD name, why?

    I played in Star Wars, Vampire Masquerade, D&D 3.5, Exalted, and an HP Lovecraft based one I can't remember the name of, but enjoyed. My favorite is exalted. I've dabbled in Paranoia, but am a bit thrown by the concept. Magic and beating stuff is more my thing. :D Are you playing anything now?
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    Your AD name, why?

    Favorite role-playing character- LN gestalt Wizard/Cleric of Wee Jas with specializations necromancy and healing. We saved the universe. :dance2:
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    Student won't watch me interpret! What should I do?

    What if it is because he has an undiagnosed disability? I have some invisible disabilities that make me do similar things. People are easily frustrated with me because I seem not to be trying or paying attention. One example is, I am focusing on what they are saying, and the mention hobbits, and...
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    Cats being treated like royalty

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    The Halloween Thread

    I usually dress up all October- not full out, witch hats, cool nails. Anytime there is a party, I dress up all day. Usually I decorate mid-September and bake special treats for two whole months! Volunteered at a haunted house for several years too. Been pretty sick this year though, so I am not...
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    Question from a non deaf person

    I was really curious about this too. Here's one of the other threads I found:
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    what game you recently finished ?

    Silent Hill 3! I loved it.
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    Hello and a few random facts

    Thank you for the warm welcome. :D
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    Hello and a few random facts

    I really liked the first Percy Jackson book! I need to check out the rest of them. I especially liked how he used ADHD as one of Percy's strengths.
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    Doctor Who Quiz(for fans)

    I wish! I'm dying for the latest season of Merlin. Doctor Who, also, of course.