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    Practice Buddy

    Hey Rochelle, my name is Michelle. I am a beginner at ASL and would love to practice with you. send me a message if youre interested :)
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    How to become an ASL Interpreter

    Hello all, unsure if this is the correct place so please let me know if it is not so I can adjust accordingly. I have been attempting to research this but there is not a lot of stuff online that I am seeing. I have some questions on how people become ASL interpreters. - do you need to get a...
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    New to ASL

    Hi Brett, I am also a beginner but if you would like to practice with someone on a similar level I am up for it! Just let me know.
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    Need Deaf Individuals to Practice Conversations with ASL Students

    Hello, are you still holding these practice sessions? Please let me know because I would love to join. My ASL is very basic and rusty but just being in a group signing can help me pick these skills back up to get me back on track since my classes were ended since the pandemic.
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    Looking for Deaf or HOH Mentor / Friend

    Hello, I am 24 and hearing. I got into ASL through classes they were offering in my area and learned the basics ie finger spelling, vocab, and some culture. After the pandemic started 2 years ago I have become very rusty because they had to stop giving the classes and I am disappointed in myself...