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    Draw an otter

    Saw this, thought of you, warpedpink. Oh and hi and bye, alldeaf.
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    MLB 2011 Thread!

    Here's to the Rockies! :D 5 - 1
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    Reading Lips Must Be Hard As Shit

    I have no training, just experience. In my opinion lipreading requires the ability to immediately figure out the context of what is said, and assume/predict some of the things that are said, as fillers. I don't lipread 100% of the time, nor do I desire to. I do have the degree of skill to...
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    Any "Schnauzer" owners here?

    Having had two mini schnauzers in the family, I can say they're great dogs, clever and fun altogether. Very friendly yes. Loyal and they listen very well.
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    Re-defining Deaf - Movie

    Ah, I read the title wrong, heh heh. Original post edited.
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    Re-defining Deaf - Movie

    Time for this thread to be revived. Why? Because someone wrote a fantastic analysis in response to Re-Defining Deaf. Read here: Click here
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    Where do you get your Deaf news?

    Friends & H3
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    Do you have an ethnic identity?

    Deaf. Then Boulderite. Heritage be damned, I'm living in the now.
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    The "Mainstreaming" Experience: "Isolated cases"?

    This kind of sarcastic commentary doesn't merit a response. Have a good day.
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    The "Mainstreaming" Experience: "Isolated cases"?

    I'm just one of few that's learning to do that. I will be participating in a workshop related to this subject with PFH and a group of people. I'll gladly start this thread up after the workshop - Meaning sometimes after the first weekend of April. Meanwhile, hold those questions in mind.
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    Whats your ethnic background?

    Deaf. Heh. Ethnic heritage on father's side is Irish and mother's side is German.
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    The "Mainstreaming" Experience: "Isolated cases"?

    Sigh. Maybe I did push you around a little bit when I added the comments, but all I saw was what you had posted. I can't twist your words around if I'm asking you questions and asking for clarification. And by your definition, its OK to make the connection between the two terms, Deaf and...
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    What did you do today?

    Oh. I can't see the hands since the emoticon has white gloves on and the background is white... Hm.
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    What did you do today?

    Golf clap. There needs to be an emoticon for Deaf applaud.
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    Rock climbing

    Ha, wow, I didn't know about that. Useful tidbit of information next time I go out to San Francisco. Sweet. That sucks about the job. No way of changing it?