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    Knitters Corner

    That one that I dont want. I am looking for Ily sign language ( hand) with two colors. I dont want all one color. thank you for try your best to help.
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    Knitters Corner

    Hello everyone, Do you know about ily sign language pattern for knitting? I rather use two color. not just one color.
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    Are you going to Deaf Nation World Expo?

    Travis and I will be there.
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    Sign in if you're proud to be Deaf

    I m in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    A Special message from Restless_Heart...

    I am sorry for her. I hope that she will be okay.
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    LEGO Pop-Up Model

    That is so cool.
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    Sala Dancing Dog!!

    aww that is funny and cute.
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    Has anyone seen SxyPorkie lately?

    I remember I talked to her on Sept 2008. Then I didnt hear from her since. I dont know if she is still alive or not.
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    Bad News:

    Cheri, I am very sorry about your dad. I want to give you big hug. I hope that his health will improve.
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    Young man ran over by train ALIVE

    That is so stupid that he did that.
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    On Oprah....last night (Warning: Graphic Content)

    I feel so bad for her. I hope her face can fix. doctor are so expensive to fix.
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    I crave for zuccini with pineapple bread. It is much work to make them. giggle
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    Facebook vs Myspace which is better?

    I use facebook most. I dont like myspace. winks
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    Looks like we missed someone...

    Happy Birthday and Enjoy!
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    Hi, I was not in alldeaf for long time.

    Hello Thank you all. I was not around again. My boyfriend Travis was in ER because of his personal reason. I had to be with him during my son was in school. Poor him. He had to stay in hositpal for 3 days. He finally got out from hositpal last saturday. He is getting better but he still is on...