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    Who wants to talk to me on AIM?

    I'll chat some. PM for SN
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    Show Your Photography Ability

    absolutely breathtaking!
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    Show Your Photography Ability

    Very nice photo! Do you have a website?
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    Show Your Photography Ability

    I like them all, especially 'time shade'. I love the light and dark shadow contrast. Also, that a nice looking clock, can I have it? :giggle:
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    Who wants to talk to me on the phone?

    I was the one off topic! sorry, I thought I needed to put that on my post when I was off topic. once again your art work is lovely.
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    Who wants to talk to me on the phone?

    Ha, I'm hearing and I still hate to talk on the phone. what's ironic is I have been working as an Inbound Customer Service Advisor for over 6 job is to talk on the phone. :blah: But after this week it will all be over, because I just was hired to teach school. I still have to...
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    Who wants to talk to me on the phone?

    :topic: Lavender, the artwork on you avatar and profile are beautiful! Is the work yours? Thanks Libby
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    Hi Guys

    :hmm: I took it that he was trying to kiss his elbow, which is impossible! Therefore goes with the "anything is possible" I'm I right 'mykul_16'?
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    Hey deaf_fishingman

    Hoorah for Arkansas! My dad was from there! I've spent many happy days in the Ozark area. :wave: I'm in Oklahoma now , Welcome to AllDeaf.
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    Hello from Davis, CA

    Welcome to AllDeaf:wave:
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    Hi Guys

    I found this forum when I googled "can deaf people drive" duh to me now. But my stupidity on the subject has given me an awesome place to make friends with all people. Welcome to AllDeaf...from a hearie. It's a great forum:wave:
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    you will love AllDeaf. It's a great forum...they even tolerate the hearing. Your desire to foster deaf children is wonderful, but please learn about Deaf culture as you make decisions for any child. Welcome
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    Baby Planes

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    Brain transplant

    love it!