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    Skype anyone?

    Hi, hearing girl here. 18 years old, just graduated high school...looking to make new friends; I'm a night owl and would love to have someone to Skype every once in a while. My signing isn't fabulous but I'm working on it really hard. If anyone is interested in just chatting, let me know(:
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    Hearing girl looking for friends

    Hey y'all! I'm hearing and I'm just looking for some diversity in my friendships. Deaf, HoH, lgbt+, straight, surprise me (: I just love talking to new people!
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    Help With Asl

    I'm in ASL I, so sadly my signing is poor and choppy, but I'm very passionate about it. I'm 17 and hearing and in class we're signing songs. I really wanted a challenge so I obviously chose a challenging song and I wanted some help learning how to sign it. But I'd like to have someone I can talk...
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    Hearing Language Learner(:

    Hi, I'm Brittany. I teach myself languages, but I'm also taking ASL in school. I love learning about the Deaf culture and learning how to sign. I am looking for Deaf or HOH friends and people who might be able to help me learn and grow in ASL and help improve my knowledge of Deaf culture.