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    irony :mrgreen:
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    absent father

    and poland invaded france in less than 45 minutes? :lol:
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    Rob Gun Shop with Toy Pistol
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    my new cell!!!

    I dont see unlimited data transfer package on any of those cell-phones.
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    If you are enagaged..what kind of ring do you have??

    I gave my fiancee a platium ring with one 1 1/4 CT diamond and 4 other diamond(I think?) I dont remember how it look like. :o
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    my new cell!!!

    :ugh: I wouldnt waste my money on those, if you can talk on cell then thats whole different story.
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    Work Vs. SSI/SSDI

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    What is your #1 Pet Peeve?

    People that dont know what they are talking about. :mad2:
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    My town has some serious problems. . .

    I dont really care about 4th of july.
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    Weeds or LSD?

    Minnesotians calls it Brake Fluid.
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    R u man enough to drive a stick shift or wimp out and drive automatics?

    not always, its depends on what motorcycle. My honda sl-350 is one up and 3 down.
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    u look picture now pls

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    i am driver on stock cars! for 15 years

    Sponsor me. :mrgreen:
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    What is your iMood?

    I dont want to waste my time telling you guys my moods.