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    Homecoming at Gallaudet University

    i wish i go... oh well
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    World's tallest roller coaster coming to Orlando

    Formula Rossa | World's Fastest roller coaster| Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
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    World's tallest roller coaster coming to Orlando

    Nice! but wanna ride 149 mph roller coaster! it is at other counrty.. :( oh well
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    Worst USA drivers list for 2013

    of course Louisiana.. i didnt suprise that.. that is nothing new for many years.. i grew up there.. nothing new..
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    Dating person with ADD or ADHD

    yea my one year roommate has three!! ADD , ADHD and OCD! yikes!! everytime she talked to me, i can tell she has no common sense!! oh man i hate that oh well all i do is nod at her.. and avoid.. that is when i stop hang out with them.. many things going on.. to have that roommate...
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    Who is single here?

    wow! this tread stil alive!!!! yikes!! ok me <-- to be continue as single :)
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    Nelson Mandela dies at 95

    oh gone!
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    Plane Crash At SF Int.

    wow alot of debates!! yea pilot error or airport error.. who knows wait until they done on thier job for find a fault..
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    old three hundreds

    no one rely this lol! ok three hundreds means 300 men who works for Stephen (sp) F Austin . they go to Texas area before it became Tx. they put there and live it . they end up war with them then won then own lands that is history before Mexian war..late 1800's
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    ghost story in usa website

    I remmy that i found the website in this alldeaf but seem lost and was thought that i could save it but lost! so anyone who has it? can you get it for me ,please Thank!
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    Alligator's tails or ribs

    oh yea i love it! Tastes good!
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    contact with interpreter companies?

    Do you have idea a way to find them ? i know one or two.. but need more any? let me know Thank!
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    any one lived in Austin TX? let me know

    Hello! I would like to know who lived in Austin Tx from this just curious :) if you dont want to post this then just inbox me simple What up ! anyone! :) yes I am in AustinTX
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    Meet up at New Orleans - 01/28

    ahh i miss those places! i was grew up in louisiana.. Baton Rouge.. I wish i could meet you there ha!
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    What did you learn today?

    dixieboy.. no it is not for me but i am study as work for a health company..i got that news.. just news.. just interz about thier secret hidden information! yikes.. tsk tsk hospital, dr, etc! they looks for money.. sad..